"Eragon!" I yelled for the demon boy. He winced and almost tumbled out of the tree.

"Morning Cana." He smiled sheepishly.

"Are you aware that I spent all night clinging to the sarcastic bastard, your brother, without knowing about it!?" I glared at him.

"Um, it was cold and you were shivering and alone and Liam could keep you warm and I had to guard and keep you safe and it's not like he hurt you or anything!" The great Eragon Erda was reduced to a blubbering mass before my fury. It made a girl feel powerful.

"And another thing! I don't know what demon customs are or who you think you are, but just deciding that I am you 'intended' or whatever is unacceptable! And announcing such claims to that ass of a rebel leader is just plain dumb! Did you even think before bursting in there and announcing that crap! He could use it against you idiot! He could use it to get to you by kidnapping me again and then we're all in danger! Think you stupid boy! This is no time to be blurting out whatever your demon tells you too. We're trying to stay alive!" I felt better after venting on him, a lot better. Liam stood behind me, jaw dropped and stunned.

"Oh wow, she chewed you out good Eragon." He glanced at me. I wasn't done though. I turned to face the dragon demon.

"And you! Just thinking it would be ok to crawl into my sleeping bag cause big brother told you to! You're luck I', not ripping your head off! Don't ever do that again! Both of you! I'd rather freeze! I'm sleeping alone from now one, or with Katie, until you decide to grow up and stop being so overprotective of me!" The last part was directed back at Eragon. I stormed off into the wood to find a good place to unwind away from the Erdas. Both boys started after my retreating form like an unpredictable animal. I sighed, maybe I'd gone a little far, but it felt great and they'd both think next time. I hoped they'd think, I really didn't know if either of those boys had two brain cells to rub together most days. At least Eragon was giving us a few days to rest, the horses and us needed it. I sighed and stretched out on a rock beside a stream, hoping to heat of the sun would warm the surface. The sound of running water was beautiful, soothing, and I let my mind wander into a daydream

Tory was running along side me, both of us laughing. Ice cream smeared his chubby cheeks, I'd had enough loose change to buy him the treat for once. His blonde hair was falling in his eyes, I would have to cut it again.
"Cana?" His big brown eyes shone with happiness.
"Yes angel?" I smiled at him.
"Do we have to go back? Can't we run away together, just you and me?"
That was when I had to explain the papers to him, how whoever had you papers owned you. I explained the slave markets and stuff to my poor angel whose eyes got sadder and sadder.
"One day I'll get a ton of money and save them all, all the children whose families didn't want them!"
"You do that baby boy!" I hugged him close, promising him that I'd never leave.

I sat up quickly, drying the tears from my eyes. Think about Tory just made this all worse, I had to let him go, admit that I might not see him again. A crack of a stick in the woods made me bolt upright, eyes flashing. Daulton was walking through the trees, he didn't see me. He knelt beside the water and splashed his face, hissing as the cold water shocked him. He knelt there and stared into the water, his eyes cold and face hard. "I can smell you Cana, stop hiding."

I sighed, demons. "Sorry, I didn't mean to spy on you or anything."

He shook his head. "Nah, I came to make sure you were ok after chewing Eragon and Liam out like that. You looked pretty pissed off."

"Yeah, well they're pretty good at pissing me off." I smirked.

He chuckled. "Those two could piss off everyone in the country if they put their minds to it. They aren't known for think before acting." He folded his black wings tighter to his body. "But then again I have a way with pissing off pink princess back there."

"Katie? She's just scared and worried about her family. It's making her irritable."

"Aren't we all though, you must be too Cana?"

I almost started to cry again. "Just my brother, just Troy, Drake and my mother can rot for all I care."

"Eragon said you came from the slums, must have been hard." He glanced at me, eyes sympathetic.

"Very, but you survived, what doesn't kill you make you stronger, right?"

"Depends, I guess, losing a leg or arm wouldn't make you stronger, you know?"

I laughed. "Good point, I don't know what I'd do if I lost a leg."

"Who would, it would be a major blow, especially to a fighter like Eragon or you." He started skipping stones over the stream, watching them sink after a while.

"Thanks Daulton, for coming to check on me."

He grinned. "No problem, I don't think I could spend another minute with the Erda duo anyway."

We both stood and started to walk back to the camp, I was calmed down now and Daulton wanted to make sure I wasn't jumped by a tree or something. Katie looked up as we walked back into camp together, her eyebrow rising. I made a face a her and walked by, pointedly ignoring her questioning look. I grabbed a water bottle from my saddle bag and drank greedily. Eragon was timidly stalking closer to me, probably hoping to apologize. I stormed past him and flopped next to Katie, grinning at her.

"I feel so much better now!"

She snorted. "Now you blew up and the Erda's or came back from the dark and seductive woods with Daulton?"

I punched her arm. "Not funny Katie, venting on Eragon and Liam, it made me feel better."

She laughed. "Yeah well now Eragon is staring at you with pathetic blue puppy dog eyes. Don't look over there, he looks like a kicked dog. Just ignore him." She was giggling as I strained to ignore the pathetic look on his face. Liam just leaned against a tree, brooding and glaring at everything around him, clearly feeling it was unfair that he got chewed out too.

"Oh boy, they really are a giant pair of babies, how did we get stuck in the wild with them?"

"Your genius car thievery and their knowledge of survival." She grinned. "All in all it's your fault for waiting for them outside the school darling."

I huffed and pretended to pout, glaring at her. "Whatever."

REVIEW! Ugh! It's hot! like 35723858792309 degrees! I hate heat. So, Cana finally chewed out Eragon for the whole 'intended' thing. And what do you think about her heart to heart with Daulton? I wanted to do something with him other then having him travel with them and help them fight. This the the most I have ever written in a story, so proud of myself! Trying to figure out what should happen next. Hm? Enjoy and have a safe, hot summer!