City Rain

It slides down window panes,
It hits you in the eyes
It's all just a game
Until it makes you cry

It pours, pours, pours
Until you run for shelter
Turns headlights diffuse
And then it hits you

It'll run down your cheeks
It'll sink into your clothes
It's that ceiling leak
It's that warm glow

It'll be dark, damp, cold
It'll freeze your eyelashes together
It'll take you by your hand
It'll knock you down with a feather

It'll tap on your window
Trailing fingers on the glass
It'll gust into your cab
Above the window sash

The drops whisper in your hair
And down your neck
Trace analemmas on your shoulder
Quiet; inhale, exhale, choke

There's too much and there's too little
And blood rushes to your head
Clouds break open
And you'll be stone-cold dead

It's warm fire, it heats your veins
It's golden summer; it'll take away your pain
Bounce off buildings, soar
Hit the pavement,

It's raining.