Prompt : Write a poem with a specific tone.

Tone : Uncaring

Going to school, everyday,

Repeating routine, over and over.

Watching listening,

But never participating.

Look at the girl with a hundred textbooks,

She needs a scholarship, she has no money, to go, to school.

Look at the boy with a bright bright smile,

Hs broken inside, his parents fight, and he hides.

Look at the jock who is extremely popular,

He wishes for someone who'd really look at him, and not at his name.

Look at the cheerleader who is pretty and light,

She flirts with boys, to cover her wounds, given, by old friends, and fights.

Look at all the people

Who are broken and hurt

Look at them really,

Understand who they are,

Before judging them.

But here's a fact about me,

And about all these things.

I. Simply. Do. Not. Care.