I suppose I should introduce myself and tell you how I ended up in this alleyway.

My name is Lexi, Lexi Winters. I've not long turned eighteen, I work in a book store, and I'm still at college. I'm a scientist at heart, taking biology, chemistry and psychology. I know a lot about the human body, what is possible and what isn't.

I suppose you could say that's where it all started; at college. On a Tuesday, in Biology just after lunch. I wasn't paying much attention that day, I felt easily distracted.

'Winters, stop daydreaming!' I hear from the front of the class.

'Sorry,' I mutter.

'You'll only be letting yourself down,' she says. That's Angie, the biology lecturer. We call her the Snake, because she can be really scary when she's strict, but she can be kind as well. She always has our best interests at heart, and that's what makes her an amazing teacher.

She carries on with her lecture, but something distracts me again seconds later. I feel someone watching me. I look around but I can't see anything, or anyone looking at me. But I still feel it. Then I see someone outside the window, staring right at me. I look back at him, fixated as if he has me in a trance. It feels as if he's staring right down through my eyes into my soul. I start to wonder what he wants, and why me? I've never seen him before, although I wish I had. His eyes are fierce, yet somehow they have a softness about them. His hair is dark, not long, but not too short, slightly spikey but with an effortless look.

'Winters!' Angie shouts again. I snap my eyes away from the boy at the window. 'Your input please?'

I look at the board where she is making notes. I process it for a second, making it look like I am thinking hard.

'Protein?' I say. She nods and writes it down on the board. In depth notes about the kidneys must be the highlight of the week.

I look down at my own notes and see someone else's writing. Written across my page in big letters it says '5pm, atrium.'

It looks like it's from my pen, but I didn't write it. I look around, and it isn't obvious that anyone else did it.

I look out of the window again, but the boy is gone.

5pm. That's when I finish for the day. I try to think if I have any plans, but none spring to mind. So who wants to meet me then? Or what am I forgetting?

The lessons go really quickly and I almost forget about the note, but 5pm comes around and I find myself waiting in the atrium. It's just a huge open space with a posh name. There are some eating areas dotted around the outside of the floor.

A few people are walking towards the college gates from their classes, but no one stands out as someone I should be meeting.

I wait for a few more minutes until I can't see anyone and then decide to leave. It was probably a joke anyway.

'You got my message?' I hear from behind me. It makes me jump, there wasn't anyone here a few seconds ago. I turn around to see who it is. The boy from earlier is standing in front of me, leaning against the wall.

'Clearly,' I say, trying to appear as if I was expecting him. 'When did you get here? I swear the college was empty.'

'A while ago,' he says, unfolding his arms and stepping towards me. His voice is deep, but not Barry White deep, and he has an accent, Irish I think. 'I just chose not to be seen.'

'Do I know you?' I ask. I step back slightly, he is a bit unnerving.

'Not yet,' he replies. 'But I know you Lexi.'

I frown as he says my name. I start worrying that this is bad, and I should have just gone straight home. Or maybe he just has a crush on me.

'Alright. I'll give you a chance,' I laugh. 'When do you want to go on a date?'

He laughs, shaking his head. This makes me feel slightly offended. I could have accepted if he had just said no, but he didn't have to laugh in my face.

'I don't want to date you.'

'Well, what do you want then?' I ask forcefully. He's starting to frustrate me, not telling me anything and leaving me still confused.

'All will become clear,' he says. 'Follow me.'

Reluctantly I follow as he leads me out of the college and up towards the top of the high street. I don't have anywhere to be though, and I'm curious what he wants, and a little nervous.

I follow him as he turns the corner opposite the big clock that stands at the top of the high street. Then he turns another corner into an alley. I cautiously walk towards him as he stops and turns to face me. An alleyway can be a dangerous place to be.

'I have to be sure there is no one around, it's safe here,' he says, sitting on a small brick wall.

'Safe from who?' I ask. He's really starting to creep me out. 'Ordinary people,' he says.

'So we're not ordinary?' I'm confused now more than ever, it still sounds like he's trying to come on to me.

'Most certainly not,' he smiles. I fold my arms and stare at him, trying to suss him out.

'What are we then?'

He stands up and walks to me, grabbing my shoulders.

'You're special, Lexi,' he tells me, looking right into my eyes. He seems to be staring right down into my soul again, and I'm mesmerized. 'You just don't know it yet.'

He pulls me over to the wall and sits me down. 'This world isn't the world you know.'

'Are you going to try telling me some paranormal rubbish? Oh, let me guess, I'm a wizard,' I say sarcastically. I feel like someone is trying to play a joke on me now.

'No, you're not a wizard. Or a witch,' he says, looking confused. 'It's not rubbish, trust me.'

He gives me a look, and I nod.

'There are things in this world, great things, evil things, that you will have never seen or known about,' he explains. 'You don't know about them because they are protected, or defeated. The innocents have to be defended, by us.'

'Innocents?' I interrupt.

'People who aren't like us, who aren't special,' he says.

'What? So I'm a... defender?' I ask. Part of me still doesn't believe that any of this is true, but he's being so serious about it all.

'Well, basically, yeah,' he says. I look down, trying to think about what he's telling me. He wants me to defend the world from evil things, which he has yet to prove exist.

'So these evil things then,' I say. 'What are they?'

'I can't really explain,' he replies. I look up at him, he looks distracted.

'Well you need to if you want me to defeat them, or whatever.'

'It's more difficult than that,' he tells me.

'Well try,' I plead. He looks at me, trying to make me stop asking. 'Please.'

'They are just evil, dark, things,' he says. 'They could look like anything. Demons, monsters, sometimes they look just like us.'

'What do they want?'

'They just want to kill everyone and have the world to themselves,' he states. I roll my eyes.

'So just, world domination, nothing major,' I say. As I say this the air turns cold, so suddenly. The boy starts to look worried, constantly looking around him. I stand up slowly, and watch as the figure walks slowly down the alley. As it gets closer, it gets bigger, and scarier. It's skin appears to be covered in dark scales, and it's eyes are deep red, but glowing.

'Run,' he says. Stepping in front of me pushing me back slightly.


'Run!' he shouts. I turn and start running, and hear him following behind me.

I don't know how long I run for, but I start to get a stitch. The image of the thing sticks in my head, keeping me running, making sure I don't get caught.

I end up in a dead end, cornered by the creature.

I feel my eyes welling up with tears, feeling like I am going to die. The boy stands next to me and grabs my hand.

I look down and close my eyes as the creature gets closer and closer. Crying now, I start thinking in my head; go away, go away, go away.

I feel an energy surge out of me, and hear a woosh of air by my ears. I open my eyes and watch as a force field shoots out and knocks the creature off his feet and flying back out of the alley. And then it's silent again.

A few seconds later it starts to rain. I feel a few drops fall on my head, and look up as it gets heavier, drenching my face. The sky was clear just a few minutes ago, and now the clouds are thick. I am quickly soaked through.

I peel myself from the wall and peer through the rainfall at where the creature went. I see a figure getting up off the ground and running away from us.

'What was that?' I ask.

'That was you,' he smiles, looking proud.

'And the rain?'

'All you,' he laughs. I look around me as the rain keeps coming.

'Who are you?' I ask. Something has happened to me, and he's clearly behind it.

'My name is Kyle,' he says. 'I'm going to be your mentor.'

'Mentor?' I feel like all I'm doing is asking him questions now but there's so many things I need to know.

'To help you realise your gift, and how to control it,' he tells me. My gift, I have a gift. So I am a witch, or in a way.

I shuffle my feet nervously as the rain starts to lighten up. I don't even know what I did, let alone how.

'What is my gift?'

'You're an elemental.'