Flying. It sucks, trust me. I ran my fingers through my light blonde hair, I also have white hair mixed in with it. My hair was a little too long, it was down to my shoulders, and it's straight too. Well, it's not like I can cut it. besides, even if I could, I wouldn't. It's the only link I have left to my father.

I was born into the name Icarus, my father Daedalus, named me. At least, I think so. I think most of you know the story, my father and I escaped the prison we were in by creating wings of wax. We put the wings on our backs, and flew away.

The only problem being, I disobeyed my fathers orders, and flew too close to the sky. That being said, my wings melted, and I plummeted into the ocean. My father was devastated, and he thought I was dead.

But, I'm not. Well, not completely, anyway. Here's what happened. I fell into the sea, passed out, and now I'm laying on the shore, of who knows where.

I rose, and looked around. I didn't recognize anything. My back feels all waxy, and I'm tired. I almost fell asleep again, when I heard a noise. I looked up, and only saw a light. But yet, it spoke,

" You were very foolish." It sputtered. I blinked, waiting for it to continue.

"You really don't deserve this, but-" It trailed off.

" I'm giving you another chance." It finished. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it didn't give me a chance to decline its offer. Suddenly, I started floating. The wax on my back disappeared, and they formed real feathers.

Wings sprout of my back, a sequence I find rather painful. I clenched my teeth together, waiting for it to stop. Once, it was over, I fell on the floor.

The light just continued to speak,

" If you are to live, then you must have a limited life source." It tossed a pocket watch to me.

" That is your life source. Once it runs out, you are to die." It explained, and I looked at it. It was made of gold, and both hands were at the twelve. I looked up at the light.

" But, I already have limited life. I'm a mortal." I whined, and the light laughed. Something, I did not know it could do.

" What am I supposed to do? Rather, what makes it run out?" I asked. The light shimmered bright. I couldn't tell what gender it is. It moved from side to side, as if wagering the answer.

" Cut the crap, and tell me the answer." I demanded.

" You must fool each god and goddess. Everytime, one of them finds out, your life will diminish, and a second will pass on your clock. But, if you pass, the second will recede." It finally answered.

" Why must I do this?" I asked. The light started to flicker.

" Because, I am the one keeping you alive, and you must do as I wish." It answered.

" I must only trick the gods and goddess', or must I trick all immortal beings?" I asked.

" The more the better. You may even trick your own kind, it's the same to me. But, you must at least trick the twelve great residents on Mount Olympus. But be warned, if you stop doing what's required of you I will make you Hades' slave." It snapped.

" If I am going to join Hades' anyway, why must I obey you?" I asked, the light answered,

" If you pass your mission, you shall become immortal. But, if you feel any strong emotion to anyone, your life will decrease, all the same."

" When do I know I passed?" I asked, and the figure answered,

" If your clock goes back a whole minute, you pass. If it moves forward a minute, you die."

Then, the light turned into a figure. The figure was a man. It grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. It's much taller than me.

He looked into my eyes and spoke,

" Ἴκαρος, son of Δαίδαλος, the master craftsman, and brother of Ἰάπυξ, do you agree to belong to me, and do as I say?" I looked at him. I want to find my father, and apologize, so if I have a chance to do that, then I will.

" Yes." I answered, and the man kissed me. Suddenly, I was in the middle of a forest. I looked around, and saw nothing. I grabbed sticks, and some rocks, and kindled a fire. It reminded me of Prometheus, the one who gifted humans with fire.

The reality of it is, that Prometheus, the god of fire, gave fire to humans. Zeus was angry, he wanted to punish the mortals, but a god can not take another gods, gift or power. So instead, Zeus created a woman. Everyone on Mount Olympus gave a gift to this creation. Mostly to make Zeus pleased. Aphrodite gave this creation undying beauty.

Zeus gave it burning curiosity. He named it Pandora, and gave Pandora a box.

' Do not open it.' he warned her. But, she longed to know. Zeus gave Pandora, to Prometheus' brother, as a bride. Even though Pandora was happy in her marriage, she was still dying to know what was inside.

' One peek won't hurt.' She convinced herself. She opened the box, and everything in it flew out. Pandora released all of the sins, everything that was evil. She only managed to keep one thing in the box. Hope. Zeus, who knew she was going to do that, was very pleased that he got his wish.

Well, that's how it happened.

I closed my eyes, and soon fell asleep. I awoke with the sun blaring in my face. I tried to find shade, but by the time I did, I wasn't tired anymore. I put out the leftover embers in my fire, and set off.

I started to walk around. What should I do first?

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw a thin, beautiful creature. It saw me and giggled.

" Hi, I'm Burma." She introduced. She was a forest Nymph. I looked at her, she seems pretty stupid, and very easy to fool. I grabbed her hand and kissed it.

" I am Writer, god of power, and thoughts." I lied, but she looked at me in awe.

" That's wonderful! I've never met a god! What's it like?" She asked, and I smirked. How stupid is she?

" It's a bore. Especially since-" I stopped myself. I'll save that for later.

" Since, there are no beautiful Nymphs around, most of the time." I told her instead, and she giggled. I looked at my watch, it receded back a second. Well, that was easy.

" I must be going." I told her, and she told me,

" Okay!" and I shook my head. I hate woman, they're so stupid. I looked around. Crap, I should have made her introduce me to her friends. That would have been a gold mine.

I looked at my wings. How do I activate these things? I focused solely on my wings. They started to flap, and I stopped in fear. Can I really fly again? These wings won't melt though.

So I tried again. I started to lift off of the ground. My heart started to beat like crazy, and I closed my eyes. Which, doesn't seem smart. So, I opened them. I was only about nine feet off of the ground. I reached out and grabbed a tree branch.

This is different then last time. Last time, I was gliding, now I'm actually flying. A bug crawled onto my hand, and I flicked it away.

" Eww!" I shouted. Then, I checked to see if it was dead, because now I feel awful. I should never kill anything with wings. They're just like me. The bug flew away, and I let out a sigh of relief.

Then, I realized, I let go of the branch. I looked at the ground, and nearly fainted. The only reason being that, I would have fallen out of the sky if I did. I looked around for something to grab onto, but there was nothing.

Far off into the distance, I saw Mount Olympus. It seemed to be a speck. That's where I need to get. I started to lower, and placed my feet on the ground. I pulled out my watch, for the hell of it. It said" 12:00. If you can read it, anyway. Some people can't. But, the second hand, was backwards one second.

I put the watch away. I started to walk, but tripped. I rubbed my head, and looked at what I tripped over. It's a tablet. I reached over and grabbed it. There were words on it. It said:

Dear Lady Athena,

It is Pythia, the oracle. I have very nerve racking news. Zeus has gone to far. He slept with a mortal, named Flora. She is now pregnant, with the baby that will cause the disappearance of a great god.

I am still unaware, which god it is. But, please, send me notice as soon as you can, that you got this letter. Thank you very much.


I looked at a tree. I stuck the tablet in the tree's hole, and then I marked it. This will come into play later. I then, kept walking. I soon, saw a boar. Its leg is stuck in a trap. It looked at me, with pleading eyes.

I leaned down, and released its leg. Its leg was bleeding, so I tore off my sleeve, and wrapped it around its wound. It wasn't like normal animals, you know, the ones that kick you, the whole time you're saving its life.

It started to make pig noises, and I smiled. Then, its wound healed, in less then a second. I whistled.

" So you're an immortal pig." I told it, and it shook its head.

" Oh, I'm sorry, immortal boar." I corrected myself, and it nodded. I pet its head. The boar tapped its hoof and the ground, three times, and music started to come from its foot. The pig started to dance, and suddenly, it was wearing shaded glasses.

" Aren't we the little Dionysus?" I asked, and the boar bobbed its head to the beat. I touched the air, and music started to come from my fingers. I started to laugh, and the boar made more pig noises.

The boar stopped tapping its foot, and instantly the music stopped. I whistled, impressed.

" Nice to meet you, boar. But, I must be going." I told him, but the boar made noises of sadness. I looked back at it.

" You want to come with me?" I asked it, and it nodded.

" Alright, but I am on a mission. I must trick the gods and goddesses. Others, if I so wish. So, if you want, you may leave now." I offered, but the pig shook its head and stayed close to my feet.

" Since you like to party, I shall name you Dionysus. After the god of parties and wine." I told the pig, and it jumped up and down with glee. We kept walking, until we saw a town.

A woman walked over to me.

" Welcome to Athens. The village named after Lady Athena." She introduced. Then she noticed my wings.

" Oh my! What are those?" She asked in a frightened voice, and I turned around and looked at my wings.

" Wings." I answered like it was the most normal thing in the world. She gasped, and Dionysus squealed. Dionysus ran off into the village.

" Sorry, but I must be going." I told her, then I ran after Dionysus. He ran to a market. In the market, there was weavings. I looked at them, then at Dionysus. Then I asked,

" Did you want one?" and he ran over to a weaving that showed Dionysus and Athena.

" Yes, it's Athena. The village is named after her." I told him, and he started to squeal. I grabbed the weaving and bought it. Dionysus started to make more pig noises.

" Just in case you don't know, I have bo idea what you're saying. Or if you're saying anything at all." I confessed to Dionysus. Dionysus looked at me, with wide eyes. As if, he thought I could.

" I'm not immortal. I have no powers." I told him. He motioned to my wings.

" These? No, you have the wrong idea. The one whom I made the deal with gave them to me." I told him. I tossed the weaving to Dionysus, and he caught it in his mouth. I noticed something, at that moment. I don't feel famished, or parched for that matter. Maybe I'm just not in the mood.

I looked a Mount Olympus. It doesn't seem any closer. One step at a time, I guess. I looked over at the town center, and saw a man. He and his daughter were playing instruments. Some people around them were dancing, others were just walking to wherever they needed to go to.

I walked over to them. The daughter just gave me a glance and scoffed.

" It's a pleasure to meet you, is it not? But, I;m going to have to ask you, to stop playing. Your mediocre playing is damaging my boar's and I's ears." I told her, and she stopped playing.

" Whatever would make you think you can do better? Who are you anyway?" The woman asked, and I stuck up my hand.

" I am Fiction, god of power and thoughts. But, if you do not quiet yourself, I will hit you." I told her, and she sat back down. Then, she rose back up, and asked,

" You're a god?" I nodded, and she demanded I,

" Prove it!" I smiled, and looked at Dionysus. Dionysus started to tap his hoof on the ground, and music started to play. I started to touch the air, which caused more music to be played. The girl's father looked at us in amazement. The daughter watched in awe. I grabbed the daughter's instrument, and I started to play it.

Dionysus started to dance, and popped shaded glasses on my face. I snapped, and the music stopped. I smirked at the daughter, who is now glaring at me. The father started to clap, then he bowed.

The daughter looked at her father, and also bowed. My clock receded back two seconds. I smirked and Dionysus made more noises. I patted him on the head, and walked to the nearest inn.

No one was at the front desk, so I just walked into a room. Dionysus tried to hop on the cot. But since he's too fat, I lifted him up, and placed him there. He curled up and lied down. I put my clock, back in my pocket. I wonder what would happen, if I were to loose it.

I still do not wish to eat. Nor drink. So I asked Dionysus,

" Have you heard about Arachne?" I asked, and Dionysus shook his head.

" Well, everyone knows, that Athena is greatly gifted, in the sport of weaving. But, a girl named Arachne was very talented. She was skilled at many, but mostly weaving. Everyone told her that, her weaving skills were greater than any mortal. Arachne laughed at this and told them,

' I'm better than any god also! I wish that Lady Athena herself would come down here, and get a lesson or two from me about weaving.' Naturally, Lady Athena heard this, and was not pleased. Any gift a mortal received, was a gift from the gods. If one had such a gift, they were to thank the god's repeatably, for it." I paused.

" Athena disguised herself as on old crone, and warned Arachne, ' You should never be so proud, and claim you are better than a god. Take it back, quick! Before it's too late!" But, Arachne yelled, ' No way! Athena's just jealous that she's worse at weaving then I!' At that moment, Athena revealed herself. She demanded Arachne, to have a competition to see who was truly better at weaving. Arachne agreed, and the two sat back to back, weaving their heart's out." I continued, and I looked at Dionysus. He was half awake.

" Athena, made a beautiful weaving of herself, and the other residents on Mount Olympus. But alas, Arachne's weaving seemed better. In rage, Athena plagued Arachne with guilt. Arachne instantly hated herself. Arachne then, hung her self. But, Athena did not let her off so easily. She made Arachne lose her arms, and body parts. All that was left was a body, and eight legs. Arachne became the first spider." I finished, and Dionysus was asleep.

I smiled at him. I lightly pushed him to the side, and lied down next to him. I pulled out my clock. It was still at 12:00; 57 seconds. Then again, I'd be creeped out if it wasn't.

I looked out of my window, and at Mount Olympus. The clouds are blocking everyone from, seeing the top. But, I guess that's why I have wings. I grabbed one of my wings, and looked at it. The feathers are beautiful, and they instantly reminded me of my father. How upset he must be. I wonder what he is going to do, considering, we had nothing planned.

I hate the Labyrinth, and I have ill feelings towards the minotaur. I was born into that prison. I shook my thoughts away, no time for them. I wonder if I'll ever see the one whom, had sent me on this absurd quest. It took the form of a male, but it's most likely a god, or immortal of some kind. Even though, he explained a lot to me. I can not help but wonder, did he tell me everything.

Dionysus started to softly snore, and I gently started to pet him. The worst part about this journey being, I must trick the untrickable. The gods and goddesses know all. But, then again, if they did, they're certainly preparing for me. That, or they would have made sure I did die. So maybe, they are not all knowing.

I put my clock in front of my face, and tried to hear the non existant tick.