"What are you guys doing?" Bludona asked, as my father was giving me a piggy back ride. She laughed as father twirled her in a circle.

I laughed, as father did so as well. Goldana ran over to us, and began to jump up and down, and her mother picked her up and spun her around as well.

We probably looked so annoying and privileged right now.

"Young Sir, you're next fitting is right now." Kuolo told me, waking up. All of us stopped, before I then hopped off of my father's back.

"Okay. I'll see you guys later!"I told them, as Kuolo and the other army people led me to my room. We had to push past Bludona's, father's, and Goldana's armies. Whenever we were together, there was not only four people, but four small armies put together.

It was really a bother sometimes.

"So you've been here a full week now." Fernie, a man in my army spoke, and I looked back at him. My soldiers had a weird look on their faces, and I knew something was up. So I folded my arms and continued walking to my room.

"Okay, what is it?" I asked, and the army people flinched.

The white walls of the castle surrounded me, and I was beginning to think that this place should be called the Kingdom of white.

"Well, it's just that..your father and the town's people had a meeting last night and.."Kuolo began to answer, and I looked back, now interested.

She was hiding a smile.

"..we're going to let your friends inside!" She finished, and for a moment, I didn't move. But then I jumped up.

"Really?" I chirped, and Kuolo laughed.

"Really. At first we were reluctant, but you trust them so much. Besides, one of them is a demigod. He would never harm us, and the other one is only a boar." She replied, and I was a little insulted on Dionysus' behalf, but I didn't say anything.

I was too happy.

As I was being fitted for my new outfit, there was no way I could hide my constant smile.

Already the world seemed right, since I got to reunite with my father. Everyday was a blast, and it made me happier and happier.

Now, T.R and Dionysus will join us making the best situation even better.

"You seem happy young sir." My clothes dresser, Polto, pointed out. We were standing in front of a tall mirror, in my huge room.

"I am happy. Ecstatic. Nothing could ruin my mood. Now I will be with father and Dionysus, and of course, T.R." I told Polto, who was still measuring me. I wasn't used to being treated like this, but since I didn't want to be rude, I pretty much just let everyone tell me what to do.

Now I wasn't some big push over, but when it came to the little stuff like town dinners, I would go and what not.

"I'm happy for you. I used to love someone as much as you." Polto told me, and I looked down at him, confused.

"Used to? Did something happen?" I asked, before I then realized I was probably being too pushy. I was about to say never mind when Polto told me,

"She's dead."

For a moment, there was nothing but silence. But then I slowly reached out my hand and patted Polto's head.

"She may be gone, but your love for her isn't. I'm sure once you die you'll be reunited in the underworld." I told Polto, who then smiled. He looked up at me, eyes grateful.

"Thank you, young sir."He told me, and I smiled.

"There's nothing to thank me for." I told him, and we finished the rest of the outfit with pleasant conversations.

The next day I stood in front of the damn rock, glad I wouldn't have to talk to T.R and Dionysus through it.

At first I wanted to tell T.R and Dionysus that I was going to let them in, but then I wanted it to be a surprise. Which was why we all stood in front of the rock. Father had his hand on my shoulder, as I held onto Goldana's hand.

Meanwhile Bludona was holding onto Goldana's other hand.

So we all stood there for a moment, before I let out an angry sigh.

"We can't all just stand here. Someone has to unlock the rock." I pointed out, and Kuolo then fumbled past me, and over to the rock. My father then joined her and I watched them type in a certain sequence.

They unlocked the rock, and it opened.

Sleeping on the ground was T.R right next Dionysus. The town just awwed, as I slowly took a step forward.

I wasn't expecting anyone to follow me, since this town was so hush hush.

I walked over to T.R, and plopped right down next to him. He was still sleeping, as I curled in next to him. I think at first the town thought I had some scheme, as was going to surprise T.R, but when I didn't move for a while, my father asked,

"Son. What are you doing?"

"Cuddling. What does it look like?" I asked, when T.R woke up. Once he saw me and processed me, he threw his arms around me.

"Chestnut!" He cheered, and now Dionysus was awake. I pulled away and scooped Dionysus into my arms. I kissed him on the forehead again and again.

"Oh, Dionysus! I've missed you so much." I cried, while I turned to T.R.

"I guess I missed you, too...maybe." I joked, and instead of rolling his eyes or something T.R just hugged me again. Oh my gosh! He hugged me. Twice! I just hugged him back, while the moment grew longer.

We finally pulled away and I went back to hugging Dionysus.

"We're proud to let you guys stay with us for the next week." Father told T.R, bowing. Bludona and Goldana were already shaking T.R's hand, as T.R looked confused. He looked at me, eyebrow raised.

"The next week?" He asked, and I held onto Dionysus, who was snorting happier than he's been for a while. It seemed like he wasn't gonna let me go.

"I've decided I'm going to go to Mount Olympus." I spoke, while I turned and smiled softly at Dionysus. I looked into his eyes, and he played a song of pure enjoyment.

"I want to live to see my friends forever." I answered, before I kissed Dionysus on the forehead once more. He snorted happily, as I turned up to look at everyone. I hugged Dionysus in my arms, never wanting to let him go.

Father eyed me.

He knew that I was hiding something, but I wasn't going to tell him. Because if I did then father would try and help me, and that could put his whole kingdom at risk.

So I just said that I had a mission to do.

I saw Goldana talking to T.R, as Bludona walked over to me. She leaned over and let Dionysus sniff her hand, and only felt a little bit jealous.

Dionysus wagged his tail, as father came over.

"So this is your beloved boar?" He asked, and I nodded. I looked back down at him, all the love in the world in my heart for him.

"I found him only a few hours after the fall." I answered, and father looked at Dionysus for a moment, before he too leaned down to pet him. Bludona and he smiled kindly at each as they both pet him.

I wished I had a love like theirs.

But even if I died right now, I would die happy. I'm not going to take my already wonderful life for granted.

"Thank you for looking after Icarus." Father told Dionysus, who know played a different song. Father smiled, before he stood up and walked over to T.R. I figure it was time to stand up as well, and so I did.

I walked with father, as Bludona and a few others followed me.

The second father got to T.R, he bowed. T.R looked slightly nervous, as father said,

"Thank you for looking after my son."

Once we were in town, I fully absorbed that everyone I really loved was all with me. So I jumped up in the air, and flew around.

T.R chased after me on the ground as I exclaimed,

"This is wonderful!"

Dionysus looked up at me,wondering what I was doing, as I weaved in and out of alleyways and the like. My family followed me, including T.R and Dionysus of course.

We spent the whole rest of the day being together, when father pulled me aside. I was curious, and I saw that T.R was, as well.

"What is it, father?" I asked, getting worried. I thought that father might ask me to stay, and if he did it, then I might actually say yes. Which of course will get me killed.

"Before you go we have to see someone." Father told me, and I cocked my head.

"Whom?" I asked, and father looked like he didn't want to answer for a moment. He let out a sigh before answering,

"The Minotaur."

I stood there for only a moment, before my eyes widened.

"What? No! I'm not going back there!" I cried out, although I didn't mean to be so loud. Father instantly reached forward and patted my shoulder.

"The trip will be instant. I managed to get an oracle to help transport us. So the travel time isn't an issue." Father began to tell me, and I began to get angry. Dionysus waddled over, and cuddled into my legs to try and make me feel better.

I thought it was so sweet that he knew me so well.

"I don't care about the distance. I was trapped there! For years!" I yelled, and my army came running over to see if we were okay. Which meant that father's army came over as well. T.R ran to me, worried.

"What's going on?" He asked, and I took a step backwards.

"Why? Why does there always need to be something wrong?" I asked, biting back my tears. Father just waited for me to continue.

"Once I finally get everyone that I really love with me you have to drop this on me? Why do we even need to visit the minotaur?" I asked, my voice sounding panicked and infuriated all at once. Bludona put her hand on my shoulder.

I had to stop myself from ripping out of her grasp.

"Icarus, this is important. The minotaur is going two need to calm him down." She explained, and I took step back from her.

"Going mad? He's always been mad! He's tortured my father and I." I told her, while Dionysus instantly started getting mad, as well. He thought that they were hurting me. T.R leaned down and tried to make Dionysus feel better.

"No one except for father knows what we went through. What we've seen. I had to watch as the minotaur would murder people." I spoke, my voice breaking as a few tears managed to break through.

"They would reach out for me. Beg for help..and I couldn't." I cried, and T.R wrapped me in his arms. Father just looked at me, heart broken.

"Son, we have a responsibility. Please understand that." He informed me, and I remembered all of the years trapped in darkness.

I know a few times I considered going back to the minotaur to calm him down, but now that I actually have to...

"You have no right to bring me back." I told father, dead serious.

"While I can't stop you, father, I suggest that you don't go either. Not only do you have a kingdom to look after, but calming him down won't change anything. He'll still kill everyone just the same." I spoke, my voice still heartbroken.

Hearing it, Dionysus really thought that they were hurting me. So he started to charge up his power, and I quickly dropped to my knees to calm him down.

I gave him another kiss, as I looked at him with loving eyes.

"It's okay, Dionysus. I'm okay." I told him, before I scooped Dionysus up in my arms. I looked at father for a moment, who only stared at me. The moment grew longer, as almost the whole town was watching us now.

"I see. I thought you would want to help. I mean, you don't like it when anything gets hurt." Father added,and I only squeezed Dionysus a little tighter.

"Usually I don't. But the minotaur only sees us as toys. We're not even his friends, and I owe him nothing. In fact, this is what he deserves." I almost spat, but I was actually starting to shake. For a moment once more, I felt someone hold my hand.

My eyes went a mile wide, before father then wrapped me in his arms. Which was a hard task to do, since I was still holding onto Dionysus.

"Okay, son. I won't go. I'm proud you feel so strongly to stand your ground." Father told me before pulling away. He lightly pat my head, and I instantly felt worlds better. T.R then put his hand on my shoulder, which only made me feel happier more.

"I don't want to do anything to upset you. Especially since I only have you for one more week."Father told me, and I smiled.

He was just as happy as I, and he didn't want to ruin our time together either.

"So..are we done fighting?" Goldana asked, and I leaned down, smiling.

"Yes. We are." I answered, and Goldana's smiled brighter than the sun.

"Yay! Me and Hollos are super happy now!" She cheered, talking about her stuffed animal that was in her arms. I just stood back up, as Bludona laughed and pat her daughter's head. I felt bad for yelling at Bludona and I will apologize later.

"So, who's ready for some fun?" T.R asked, instantly lifting the mood even more. I just nodded, as everyone agreed with me.

"Alright, then!" He laughed and we spent all day having worlds of fun.

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