When we got to the first store, I pointed at what I needed.

"That's what you want?" She asked me, and I nodded. Evadine looked my up and down, trying to question what kind of person I was, but finally gave up. I understand why she would look at me in such a manner. I mean, it's not normal for me to buy that.

"Well, the first thing you should know is to always hide your face. After you've done that, you need an escape route already planned. Also make another route if the first one doesn't work." She told me, and I thought how all of that was kind of implied. But I didn't. She was willing to help me.

"Okay. So we grab it, then jump on the food stand. From there, we leap onto the roof, and make our leave. But if the food stand moves before then, we dive in the cloth up against the wall. It seems like it's just covering a wall, but there it actually leads to another street." I suggested, and Evadine looked at me in confusion. I smiled as Evadine again questioned who I was.

"I've tried escaping from somewhere else before, as well." I told her, and just as we were about to do our plan, I saw that Dionysus already had what we needed in his mouth, and he was trotting happily towards us. The man who the store didn't even see him.

I held back my laughter, and Dionysus plopped the item down by my feet. He looked at me as if he was saying, ' Did you see me? Did you see me? Am I good boy?' I laughed and pat Dionysus on the head.

"Good boy." I told him, and Dionysus lifted his head in pride, quite satisfied with himself.

I shook my head with a laugh.

"Well, let's get out of here before any realizes you took it!" I told Dionysus with a wink, and off to the next store we went. I only needed two mare items, but I knew that the last one was going to be hard to get.

When we arrived at the next store, Evadine pointed at the object, and asked,

" Let me guess, we're gonna steal that one?" I nodded, completely serious. Then, to be a dick, I smiled and patted Evadine's head.

" Wow, you're so smart!" I told her, and she smacked my hand away.

Then I made a possible escape route.

Then I realized something, and laughed at how stupid I am. I turned around to face my two followers, and pushed them back lightly.

" You might want to run." I told them, and Dionysus ran without question. What a smart little creature. But the one looking at me with confusion, not so much. I smiled, clearly agitated.

" Run." I spoke, and Evadine heard my tone, and ran.

I walked right over to the item, snatched it, and shot myself into the air. I didn't know why I was making all of these plans of escape, when I could just fly myself out of here. I jumped on a roof the second I could. I couldn't stop myself from being a little scared of flying, no matter how hard I tried.

I heard a man yell after me in rage, but was too far away to hear any words. I jumped from rooftop to rooftop, until I found Dionysus and Evadine. Evadine marveled at my wings. Not sure why, though.

She just shook her head, as if telling herself not to think about it too much.

I hopped off of the roof, and spread my wings out at the last second, so I wouldn't hurt my legs.

"One last thing." I told them, and we started to walk to the next store.

Halfway there, Evadine decided she wanted to start up a conversation.

"So, where are you from?" Evadine asked, and I asked myself if I wanted to answer her truthfully, or not. I sighed, and Evadine looked me. She wanted an answer. I could also tell that if I lie to her, there will be a fifty percent chance she will be able to tell I'm lying.

A second later, I felt perfume spray on me. It was the truth perfume. That little bitch. With spite, I answer,

"Crete." She smiled, happy.

"Where did you live?" She asked me, and I felt way more reluctant to answer that one. But I sprayed with that god awful perfume.

" The Labyrinth." I answered, angry. Her eyes widened, and she looked at her perfume in confusion.

" Why are you doing that?" I asked.

" It must be broken." She replied, and I almost hit her. Why is it so hard to believe that I grew up in the Minotaur's Labyrinth? I just sighed, while shaking my head.

" I can't believe it. You actually lived in the Minotaur' Labyrinth!" She told me, as if I didn't know. Goodness, what ever gave her the idea I didn't? I'm the one who told her crying out loud! Evadine looked at me, and I saw how it was a form of idol-ism. I stopped dead in my tracks, irritated.

"Listen. I lived there. It's not like I fought the damn thing and won." I told her, and Dionysus rubbed his head against my leg to get me to calm down.

" I know. But it's still really awesome!" She told me, her eye innocent like a child's.

" Whatever. Worship me if you want. But now it's your turn to talk." I told her, and snatched her perfume away. I quickly spritzed her with it, and she stopped walking.

" Meanie!" She told me.

"Fine. I won't let you ask any questions. I'll just tell you straight up where I'm from. Athens." She told me, and I wanted to groan at how cliche that was. It's no like everyone is from Athens, or anything. Like that one creepy dude. I didn't feel like telling her my experience there, so I decided not to give her any ideas.

" Here we are." I told her, and I didn't even have to point at what we needed. But like I said, it definetly is going to be the hardest one to get.

" Really? That one? It's in a glass case!" She told me, and that's the reason why. Dionysus looked at it in worry, and I just thought about how smart he is. He completely understands that we're going to steal, and what we're stealing. I got down on me knees, and patted Dionysus' head.

" Wow! You're so smart!" I praised.

" What? You said the same exact thing to me, but it was an insult. What makes me any different?" She asked, and Dionysus tapped his foot three times, letting a piercing shriek reverberate through the air.

I saw the glass move back and forth. I froze. I had expected it to break, but Dionysus made it possible to get what we needed in another way. He made the glass easy to penetrate. I stuck my hand out, grabbed what we needed, and flew off.

Of course I scooped up Dionysus.

" Hey!" Evadine shouted, and I went back for her.

We soon flew onto a roof, that I didn't think anyone would be able to get to, and set them down. I looked at what we had stolen, and let myself get embarrassed. But hey, I needed to do this. For Florere. I grabbed what we had stolen, and changed into them.

The golden dress was too big for me,(Embarrassing.), and the golden bonnet seemed to have been made for me. (Eek! Even more embarrassing!) Finally, the golden cloth that covered everything on my face, other than my eyes.

I swallowed my pride and shot my head up so that I was looking at the sky.

"Challenge accepted! Let's see who is the one worthy of the title of beauty!" I yelled, and thunder shot through the sky. I didn't even know that thunder could do that. I turned and looked at Evadine.

" No matter how me he struggles, don't let Dionysus help me." I told her, and and she nodded.

"Thank you." I told her, just as flower petals started to whirl about ten feet in front of me. It made the form of a woman. Once the petals finished their formation, it was revealed that Aphrodite was the flower petals. Which I kind of already assumed. She was especially beautiful today, and I wondered how she knew that it was going to be today.

Aphrodite looked my up and down.

I straightened my posture, and moved the cloth so that it was covering my face more.

"Well, human. I can you you told a bold choice today." She told me, and my heart started to pound. Did she know who I was? Crap.

" Wearing all gold. Goodness. You must think you're really ugly, if you're wearing that much gold, Florere." She told me, and I felt myself relax. She still thought that I was Florere.

Aphrodite snapped, and a second later, a man wearing winged sandals was there.

" Hermes, is at your service milady." He told her, and she smiled kindly. He isn't going to help her on the test, is he? Because that would be a big let down for me. Let's just say if that is the case, I'm screwed.

" This is Hermes. He will be judging our contest today." She told me, and I felt my heart sink. Great, that makes it way better...But I mustn't show fear. I looked at Aphrodite with eyes that were determined, but also a little afraid. I mean, I'm not too afraid, but I'm pretending to be a girl who would be pissing her pants right now. Aphrodite didn't like the look I gave her.

Then she saw Evadine and Dionysus.

" Why are they here?" She asked me, and I made my voice higher.

" They're just here to watch, I assure you." I answered, and Evadine started to laugh. I almost dropped what I was doing so that I could punch her, but managed not to. Dionysus looked at me, worried. He could tell what I was doing is very risky. I looked back at Aphrodite.

" I'm ready." I told her, and she smirked.

" All right, but be prepared to die." She told me with a smirk, and I felt myself grow a little bit scared. Hermes, straitened his back, and pulled a clip board from mid air. He looked at the clip board.

" The first challenge is for the human." He told me. Wow, shocker.

" It is a question. Here it is: What is the flower of beauty?" He asked. Crap. I opened my mouth to answer what I thought to be the answer when I heard Hermes declare,

"Wrong!" Anger shot through me.

"What? You didn't even give ma a chance to answer!" I shouted, embarrassed that I had to scream like a girl. Aphrodite smirked.

" Yelling is not beautiful." She told me, and I gathered my anger.

"What's next?" I asked.

" The next test is for Aphrodite. The question is: Who is your son?" He asked, and Aphrodite smiled.

" Well Hermes, I have quite a few sons. But if I have to name just one, then Eros." She answered, and Hermes nodded in approval. Evadine stepped forward, enraged. Dionysus was next to her.

" What? How come she gets a question she's bound to know the answer to? Besides, what does that even have to do with beauty?" She asked, and I was glad. Because I had a feeling I was going to ask if she wasn't, and she is a lot more nicer than I am. Hermes gave her a glare that could kill, and Evadine stepped back.

" Shut up, human. But to answer your question, the reason I asked that question is because it does have to do with beauty. Since Aphrodite is the most beautiful." Hermes answered, and Evadine scoffed. I glared at Hermes, but he didn't see it.

"That makes Aphrodite in the lead." Hermes told me. Gee, I guess I can't do math by myself.

" Moving on." I told him.

I blinked, and then we were in a place that had beautiful balls of light dancing around us. I looked to see if Evadine and Dionysus were still there, and they were. I sighed in relief. I din't want to do this alone.

" If you're beautiful, the ball of light will accept you." Aphrodite told me, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be the only one who actually reached out for it. But sure enough, Aphrodite reached out, and a ball of light came to her. She grabbed it, and held in her arms. She closed her eyes, and I hated to admit it, but in this light, she is beautiful.

Too bad she's a witch, and I'm not attracted to her in the slightest.

I stuck out my hand slowly, afraid that no balls of light would come to me. What if I'm not pretty? I flinched as they came towards me. Once I opened my eyes, I almost dropped dead in shock. Because not one, but multiple balls of light came over to me. I felt my heart pound.

I stepped back. Do they really like me? But once I stepped back, even more balls of light came at me.

Aphrodite's eyes widened on shock. But then something even more surprising happened. The same ball that Aphrodite was caressing, left her and flew over to me. Aphrodite's face was red with anger.

" Stop!" She screamed, and then we were back on the roof.

A second later, I smacked into the ground. Aphrodite was on top of me. She started to continuously slap me.

"You ugly whore! You'll never be as pretty as me!" She screeched, as she kept slapping me. Dionysus bolted towards us, but Evadine jumped on him. She grabbed onto his hind legs.

" Stop. No!" She told him, and Dionysus glared back at her. I couldn't see very well, but I saw Dionysus' eyes turn red, and a nauseating sound flew through the air. Aphrodite kept slapping me, but then was shot off. I tried to see straight, and saw a blurry Dionysus glaring at Aphrodite, eyes still red. She looked at him in shock, he was the one who had thrown her off of me.

She started to run towards Dionysus, enraged.

I jumped in between them, ready for the blow. But it never came. Right before Aphrodite collided with me I heard someone shout,

"Stop!" and we were all frozen in place. The only thing I could move was my eyes, and I saw Florere. She was clutching onto her charm. She slowly walked over to us, sadness in her eyes.

" Icarus, why did you do this?" She asked me, and I felt my heart drop. Her sad eyes made me sad.

"Icarus?" I heard Aphrodite asked, and I found myself being able to move again. I smirked.

"That's right. Not only am I not Florere..I'm a boy!" I told her, ripping of the cloth that covered my face. Aphrodite's face was completly shocked, and I could tell she was having trouble grasping what was going on. I smirked, and leaned close to her face.

" I tricked you." I told her, and her face contorted with rage but then a leaf popped into her hand. She squealed, and started to jump up and down. We were all frozen, weirded out by her actions.

"I have a date!" She told us, happy. Hermes shook his head, and vansihed.

" I'm done chasing you now. A boy who liked you, is asking me on a date." She told Florere, who was still frozen. With that, Aphrodite vanished. We all looked at each other, asking if that really just happened. Then I felt Dionysus push me over. He started to lick my face.

"Stop! What are you, a dog?" I asked laughing, and Evadine joined in. I looked at Florere, who wore a sad expression. I sat up.

"Why are you so sad? Aphrodite won't harm you anymore." I told her, and she sighed.

" I know, I know. I'm just..sad. Because I was so mean to you. I know you're going to leave now, and I'm sad that the last thing we did was fight." She told me, and I put my hand on her cheek, and smiled warmly.

"It's okay. I'm not mad. In fact, I'm very happy I got to meet you." I told her, and Florere started to cry. She hugged me, and buried her head in my chest. Evadine walked over to me.

"What does she mean, leaving? Is this true?" She asked me, and I nodded. I saw sadness fill her eyes, but it wasn't as bad as Florere's. But still, I walked over to her. She tensed.

"You never told me, but I always knew you were going to leave." She told me, and I softly laughed. I put my hand on her head, and pet her.

"I know you knew. Because you're so smart." I praised, and I thought I saw her holding back tears.

At the city line, Florere and Evadine both waved Dionysus and I, good bye.

"By the way, after our fight I met up with T.R. He made me feel better. But I forgot to mention you, sorry." She told me, and I knew that by T.R., she meant Dionysus. Because we made that nickname for him.

"I don't care you didn't tell him about me." I told her, and she laughed.

"I don't like him!" I annoucned, and both of the girls laughed. I looked at them.

" Now don't miss me too much." I told them, and they both smiled.

"It's okay. Because now we have each other." Evadine and Florere told me, interlocking their fingers. They both giggled, and they pet Dionysus. Florere leaned down, and gave him a kiss oh his forehead.

"I'm so glad we're friends." She told him, and then Dionysus and I started to walk down the trail. When we got far enough, I read Florere and Evadine's minds. They both read,

"I'll never forget you guys."