Why you?

Who else would love me as I am?

So lucky I was,

Though I never thank you so…

Oh why?

Why must it be you?

How could I hope to not see your face everywhere?

Sleepless roads you walk, only to live out placid dreams.

I should be happy you live in a better world,

Delightful and gay at your lack of pain,

My selfish thoughts thinking only of you…

But Why?

Why is it only you?

Why must my every action mirror you?

Your passion for Cardinals tickles every story I write

Your zeal in the affairs of mythology

Your rapture at the thoughts in my head

Your devotion to the status of gender equality

Your agony over those you wore a façade

You were the star in my Fool's Journey,

The symbol of hope to bring me calm,

But all stars eventually fall,

Leaving only the illusions of the moon to soothe me

Yet my thoughts are non-existent if not of you

The only one who will ever see me without my persona,

And still love anything about me…