We were filled with smiles and laughter
Gifts and kisses, hugs and comforts
Our bonds were as hard as rock
And as beautiful as diamonds
We were true best friends like unbreakable kea chains

Our memories were films locked within our hearts
Love protected those films with its hard shield of trust
And the shield hardened each time we helped each other
We were heroes rescuing our drowning hearts each time we feel despair
Our laughter made my beliefs become even firmer

Tip, tap, we danced the old dances
It was the only dance I knew and it seemed kind of lame
But we swirled and swung as we sang the song
Tick, tack, and the clock accompanied our moves
We all enjoyed the time, did we not?

But still you guys got tired of me, eh?
My old styles and my old fashions
As boring as the textbooks you faced every day
Want popularity like princesses wanting jewelry, heh?
So I was abandoned and became a lonely lone fallen leaf stepped over by you…

I should had never trusted you
If you intended to betray like a traitor of war
My shield of trust for you shattered with a big bang boom
The thunderstorm spread my anger with its strong lightning
I learned not to trust easily ever again.