You say things that scare me.

The words that come out of your mouth startle me, I've never heard them before.

No one has ever told me that they think about me every second...

That they want to share their life with me, every bit of it.

I hate hearing your words and not seeing your face,

because you're far away.

And I can't see what your eyes are saying,

as you say the words I'm so confused about.

Your eyes reassure me.

And when they're absent, it's harder to believe...

I want to fall asleep.

And awaken to a world where you are.

All the time.

Where you never leave, and I never sit alone with myself.

With my mind.

And get all wrapped up in wonder.

Worrying about what it all means.

How we've gotten to where we are.

I don't know what to expect in taking your hand.

I don't even know if I've given you quite enough of my heart to take your's.

But I do know that if I follow you,

I'll never be afraid.

Because despite how scared I am,

I'm certain that you'll be at my side when I turn,

When my heart beats out of rhythm,

And not a single person near me can explain what's going on,

You'll tell me.

And if you don't know,

We can figure it out together.

Because we're partners.

We're a team.

You're my rock,

My guardian,

My conscience,

My shoulder to cry on,

My hand to hold in the dark,

And most importantly...

My best friend.

Because relationships are confusing,

But best friends are a solid place to land,

when you slip on life and fall through the cracks of unpredictability.

I know every inch of your face.

I've traced your rough jaw, every scar, every crease your smile makes.

I don't have to wonder if you're thinking what I'm thinking,

when I touch my fingertips to your cheek, and you look down at me.

With those eyes that put the sea to shame.

Depths that seem to be obstructed by the tossing waves of emotion...

But when the sea settles, there's that calm after the storm.

That envelopes me and makes me feel at home again.

More peace comes with those eyes than anything I've ever seen,

ever heard,

Ever felt.

When you steal my breath,

and suddenly nothing in the world is louder than our hearts beating together,

And all I can feel is the warmth of your body,

becoming the warmth of mine,

And your lips at my ear,

whispering everything I've ever wanted to hear.

You charge me with electric words.

I can feel it climbing up my arms when you take my hands.

Hands that envelope mine,

and make me feel precious.


Something that should be treasured.

And you never fail to turn those feelings into words,

when you look at me and say,

"You mean the world to me, beautiful girl."

It would be a crime to refute you,

to tell you that you're wrong,

As you look into my eyes with that look.

That tells me that for once in my life,

I don't know as much as the person standing in front of me.

And I don't feel the slightest bit disturbed.

Even though everything is upside down, and I seem to know nothing,

I have no worries.

As long as it's you who's holding me,

I'm never lost.

When your lips meet mine,

And suddenly that space between us doesn't exist,

I can't think of real words.

Nothing but little whispers about how much you are to me,

How different I would be outside the safety of your arms

Because you tell me.

In so many words, without fail.

No matter how I turn from you,

You refuse to let me go without making me understand.

All your walls down, leaving yourself vulnerable to me,

no matter what.

When I say the words you deserve the least,

That is when you are the most understanding.

I want to tell you everything.

Shouting from summits and rooftops and anywhere the world can hear me.

That we were meant to be together.

That when I look up, our eyes are supposed to meet.

That when I shut out the world,

you're supposed to bring me back into it.

That your breath is to me what the ocean air is to others,

Straight off the surface of the water,

From your lips to mine.

That my hand was meant to be held by your's,

and that emptiness at my palm when you're away,

Shouldn't be there for very long.

That you've become a part of every word I write.

That I see your face everywhere I go.

That you've struck me, my sweet, sweet man,

and I'll never be able to forget about you.

That I understand, now.

How there has always been a seat beside me,

Reserved for you.