0-5 years old

Read to by mother before head could be head up.

Loved information and soaked it up as a sponge would.

First phrase was 'What's that?'

6-10 years old

Stared kindergarten, unknown played by herself most of the time, tried to interact with peers even at this age.

Around 10 unknown began to socialize with others within her age group and found out first hand what rejection entailed.

Was teased for befriending children that were handicapped or not understood because unknown's 'big heart' often was ridiculed.

11-15 years old

Pre-teenage years included by process of trial and error what and how to socially interact with peers. Stored in mental bank, but socially things never repeat themselves.

Again the ridicule was present but upped until it was at the point of being cruel.

16-20 years old

Around 17 years of age unknown Memorized 200 social scripts, and two variations of the 200 scripts memorized.

unknown made a blood pact with the 'goddess anandom' at age 17.

unknown graduated High School in 2002.

Though unknown memorized these scripts the effort was futile because of the variations of social interactions and no two are ever the same.

unknown went on a mission trip at age 17 was spiritually attacked.

unknown developed Anorexia at age 19.

At age 19 unknown also was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome.

unknown started school at Liberty University and started cutting at this time as well.

At age 20 unknown entered her second year of Liberty University, and was forced to leave LU due to ephedrine abuse and not distinguishing reality from school work as well as the cutting.

21-25 years old

unknown tried to kill herself at age 21 in October of 2005.

unknown was hospitalized at age 21 for a week due to this attempt.

At age 25 unknown severed ties with Anorexia and the blood pact made at age 17.

Memories of mission trip resurfaced at age 25, and cutting started worse then when unknown was in collage.

26 years old – Present

N/A for age 26

At age 27 unknown started speed walking daily slowly at first by age 28 it was 5 times a week.

Presently now at age 29 unknown has severed ties once and for all with the aspect of 'Female Christ' and the 'goddess of anorexia' as well as eating of blood. Etc.