Eventually the girls stopped with the grape jelly, and left the captives in the cave.

Sinar discovered a torn patch of piping that she rubbed her holding ropes with, and eventually freed herself and the others.

"Are we gonna let it go, or should we wait for them?" asked Betta.

"Well, first we go and wash off this stupid grape jelly," said Gina. They discovered that the boat was gone, and washed off in the ocean.

Luckily, they weren't far from Gina's parent's yacht, and they got on board. Gina's parent's were still gone, but after changing into clothes, Sinar came up with a way to get even.

She showed them that the ping-pong table downstairs was perfect to tie someone to, and after learning that Gina's parent's were spending the day and night in town, she took a few belts from the drawers.

As they suspected, the girls came back to tickle their captives some more, but they weren't there.

The girls motored to the yacht, and quietly crept on board. When they reached the lower decks, it was all over.

Tressa was bound to the ping-pong table, and her friends were tied in the corner. "I guess you little girls just didn't learn your lesson properly," said Betta.

Sinar came over with the soap and the electric toothbrush.

"Since you hate to be scrubbed so much, Tressa, I guess it's only right that we should do it again," announced Sinar.

She grabbed the soap, dunked in in a bucket of water, and began lathering up Tressa's armpits. Tressa screamed with laughter.

When Sinar had finished lathering one armpit, Gina moved in with the electric toothbrush. She snapped on, and began moving it in circular motions.

She soon did the other armpit, and when when Sinar had finished with her left foot, she started brushing that.

"Make sure to get in between her toes," said Sinar. Gina scrubbed those whirling bristles over Tressa's toes, in between them, her soles, and everywhere.

"Maybe now you've learned your lesson. I hope watching your little friend get tickle-tortured was enough."

Gina and her friends hauled the girls upstairs and tossed them over board.