Hi there! This is going to be a serious novel, and a long one. I had the idea of this story last year during my finals, and began writing it after. The story involves a multitude of characters from different backgrounds. Story is much better than the synopsis. Please enjoy the read!

Title: Cosmic Latte.

Chapter: Prologue-The colour of the Universe.

By: Riverstardust.

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home,

Your house is on fire and your children are gone,

All except one and that's little Ann,

For she crept under the frying pan.

-Nursery Rhyme.

"The portals are fluctuating at a rate of 0.02 hertz per second! We can't hold it much longer!" yelled a cloaked figure in a lilac robe.

They stood in the middle of the massive trade room of the castle, chanting phrases written by The Ancients, before time and tide had a meaning. The portals they created glowed with a bluish hue, causing the creatures that tugged and pushed to get into them to have an eerie glow. Mothers worked on getting their crying children to safer lands as fathers made sure their families made it through.

Amidst the screams, pushing and panic of her people, the ladybug-kind queen remained as calm as water. The sky blue gown she wore was tailored to fit her slim human-like figure perfectly, the colour contrasting with her crimson elytra on her back. She stood on the stage to the right of the chamber. It stunned her to see how such civilized creatures turned into unthinking beasts when they had nothing to lose but their lives. She tried to get her guards to ensure that they queued up, but none would obey.

The queen sighed as she observed her kingdom fall apart and her people flee to safety to lands beyond her power. The atmosphere was so hectic she could not tell who was who, even if she knew almost all of her people. What is the probability of me seeing any of them ever again? Or even my beloved kingdom?

Beyond her castle walls was an enemy no one could defeat, not even understand. How could this have happened? Why would this happen? We are such a peaceful race, never engaging in wars nor enraging the Gods, she pondered, biting her bottom lip.

"My Queen!" Her second in command tugged at her sleeve, causing her to turn around. "You have got to leave! Now!"

"I will leave when all my people have crossed." she stated indignantly. He sighed and waited patiently by her side.

Her antennae on her head quivered as she spotted one of her children's guardians working their way towards a portal. She spread her crimson elytra and flew towards the guardian, landing beside her.

"Have all my children crossed?" she yelled as she tried to maintain her balance in the crowd.

She wished she could have ensured all of her children`s safety, but it would seem unfair to her people for her to do so, which was why she chose to remain watching and allowing the guardians to make sure they passed. She had to remain on neutral grounds, for her people were also an extend of her family.

The guardian turned around and stared into the deep emerald eyes of the queen.

"I... I cannot guarantee you any of them got across into the same dimension... Maybe if they held hands..."

The queen shook the guardians shoulders.

"Have they all crossed?!" The guardian looked fretfully at her feet.

"All... but the youngest..." It was barely a whisper, but that was enough for the queen.

"Elaris!" She felt the world around her dissolve as panic overtook her, clouding her judgement. How can I possibly find a two year old in this crowd? She took flight, frantically searching the crowd for her daughter, abandoning her need to remain neutral.

"Ela! Elaris!" she screamed, but her voice was a mere whisper eaten away by the sounds her people made.

"My Queen! The crowd is growing smaller. Only a few remain to pass through the portal!" Her second in command was flying beside her now, but she took no notice of him. She flew out of the room and into the deserted halls, searching every chamber, trading point and room.

Her second in command flanked her, seeking for the little ladybug-kind princess.

Lady Laxirla, help me! Where is she? The queen began to sweat, her steady hands now shaking. If I was a little girl, where would I hide? Her eyes widened as realization dawned upon her. Of course! In my favourite playing ground! The castles sky gardens! The queen often saw her daughter there, laying on the green grass and watching the clouds pass. In haste, she flew up the numerous castle steps and out into the sky garden. Both queen and her follower gasped.

In front of the queen, what used to be the view of her whole kingdom -from its golden paddy fields to the town square with various coloured stone buildings and the straw huts and clay houses further on- was now non-existent. All that remained was mere void. The queen landed on the ground, bewildered at the sight.

The Eater has taken it all.

And it was reaching the castle at a terrifying pace.

"Mama! Mama!" The queen looked down in horror at her wide eyed daughter, tugging at her dress. She could see the fear in Elaris's eyes, eyes which only a day ago was filled with curiosity and wonder. Does a mere child deserve to go through such pains? To watch her home fall? The queen could not tell, all she could do was watch helplessly as her own world fell apart.

"Come! We have to leave now!" The second in command carried the girl and put her on his back. Then he shook the queens shoulder, causing her to snap out of her reverie.

The three hurried back to the portal to find only a handful of creatures left yet to pass through it. He placed Elaris down gently for she was getting restless. The moment her tiny feet touched the ground, she ran to her mothers side. Ushering them to quicken their pace, this was the first time that the second in command noticed that he saw fear in his queen's ever so calm eyes. It was odd, he knew. But his queen was always so carefree, and yet so righteous. Elaris clung on to her mothers leg tightly, causing her movements to be hindered. He held both the queens shoulders and stared her directly in the eyes.

"My queen. This is it. We may never see each other again." He tried to read her face for any reactions, but there was none. She was at a loss.

"Get into the portals! Hurry! We need to pass through, too!" the lilac cloaked individual yelled at them.

He sighed. "I'll pray for your sanity and safety." With that, he gave her a quick hug, removed little Elaris from her leg, and sent her through the portal. Elaris looked up at him questioningly with large eyes similar to her mother's. He sighed and sent her in, following behind and knowing this is the last encounter they will ever have. His world, left behind, and soon to not exist.


So, how was it? To clarify, `ladybug-kind` means she is of a ladybug decedent. She looks like a human, but has ladybug parts, such as an Elytra(wings beneath it) and antennae. Something like the half cat half girls you so often come across in animes. I avoided using hybrid as that requires the mating of a human and an animal, which did not take place here. I shall update this story on Sundays!(or Fridays, if time permits.)

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