Chapter One: When Foxes Play.

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'We are all connected.'

Were the words carved in yellow on the green wooden plaque hanging outside of the only apartment door that was brilliant blue.

The ochre haired elf smirked as she recalled the event of Moon and Star moving out of her family apartment block and into this apartment block a few years back. The tenant who had lived here before them had a terrible taste for colours, insisting that this colour scheme was quiet, resulting in this particular apartment block having a blue door and rainbow coloured interior.


"Don`t you dare put up that hideous clearance sale crud on MY front door!" Moon had shrieked.

"What? You don`t like it?" Star pouted mockingly, moving back to view her hammering work from a distance. "Besides, It`s OUR door. And it has a deeper meaning to it. We ARE all connected. All of us. Energy can never be created or destroyed. We are the same energy that was here millions of years ago, imagine that! Every one of us share a bond with everything around us. You, me, our neighbour, our neighbours cat, the crazy cat lady living below us, the trees, the sky..."

"I don`t care if we`re all connected or all aliens, put that sign up and i`m not talking to you!" Moon had exclaimed as she stormed into her room.

"So, you going to put it up?" Savera had asked, observing the whole charade as she leaned on the opposite wall in the walkway into their apartment block.

"Sure. Spent good money on this." Star had replied while admiring the plaque. "Besides, she`ll get over it, just give her a few days."


Savera checked her watch. Half past five in the afternoon. Her head throbbed slightly, but she gave it no thought for she knew the exact reason. She knocked the blue door twice for the second time.

"Coming! Coming!" a stressed voice came from behind the blue door as it opened inwards. Behind it stood a fox-kind with straight waist length hair beginning with a colour as black as the midnight sky flowing to scarlet red and ending with a rainbow pink. Beneath her mass of hair a pair of mauve furred ears similar to a foxes fluttered. Her dark tail was streaked with white, braided and at the end a golden moon trinket. In her free hand she held a towel.

Is that soot on her face? Savera squinted at the fox-kinds canine countenance.

"Hey, Sav." Moon gestured for Savera to enter. Savera gave her a quizzical look.

"What happened to your face?"

"Oh, the usual." Moon replied exasperatedly as she shut the door behind her, wiping her face with the towel. "Another experiment made to kill."

In the small orange living room there were multicoloured fishes, swimming lazily about in the air. Not a care in the world reflected in their large slimy eyeballs. They swam among the various species of plants and flowers sprouting from cup sized pots that were suspended all around the room.

"Eh, Moon? Where`d the fishes come from?" Sav asked as she pushed a pot out of her way, causing it to bobble towards a fish, which in turn swam as if it had a predator on it`s tail, alerting all the other fishes and causing them to swim around the room frantically.

"Careful! They have teeth!" Moon shouted as they both ducked out of the way of fishes big and small. After an interval, the fishes began their floating around nonchalantly again. Moon grabbed Savera wrist and carefully led her into the room past the living room, passing a curtain of beads that played the role of a door, away from the queer aquatic creatures.

"They`re experiments, the universities new guinea pigs. The fishes bodies are made such that they repel gravity. We`re still conducting studies on it as well as the plants."

"What was wrong with the old guinea pigs?" Savera inquired, tilting her head slightly to the right. They were now in a cramped pink kitchen with one square table and the kitchen itself.

"Guinea pigs and white rats die too easily and eat too much, and pigs in general are far too messy. This fish are genetically modified to eat and poop only once a day." Moon replied as she moved towards her lavender coloured bed room, passing another curtain now made of cloth. "Side effects are that they eat meat."

"Yeah, perfectly sane explanation for keeping cannibal fish." Savera replied with sarcasm as she tagged along. It`s probably true. What they say about scientists here. If they`re not yet mad, they`re working hard at getting there.

"I`m getting rid of them later. Grandpa Leno`s to come collect them and take them back to the lab." Moon took a seat on her work desk placed in the middle of her room.

Like most scientists rooms, it was filled with scribbled papers only the writer could possibly decipher, many failed experiments, various chemical apparatus and, of course, hazardous chemicals. At least her room is well lit, unlike those basement depicted scientists. The window behind her bed provided sufficient sunlight to light up the entire tiny room. The elf took a seat on the opposite side of the desk, resting her chin on the table as Moon began leafing through papers.

"So, what are you working on?"

"Must you ask this question every time we meet?" Moon sighed. "The same thing i`ve been working on for years."

"Still? I feel tired just thinking about it! When will you learn that finding a 'cure-all' is a waste of precious temporal time?"

Moon rolled her eyes. "If it works, it will be the salvation of all creatures!"

"Yeah, but there`s no such thing as something that can cure everything!"

"And that`s why i`m working on making that possible..." The fox-kind pointed at a few slides beside the elf. "Could you pass me that slide?"

"Other doctors will be out of jobs!" Savera replied in frustration. Moon did not reply, she simply nodded. Is she even listening to me? "Oi! And what if a new sickness comes along? How do you expect it to work then?"

"It will because I said it will..." Moon replied absentmindedly as she looked through her microscope.

Sav decided that the wise thing to do was change the subject. Arguing with Moon was like commanding the two moons to move faster.

"I got my nails painted with Aleha today." Savera stated, displaying her well manicured fingernails in front of Moon`s tan face when the fox-kind looked away from the microscope to take notes.

Moon gritted her teeth, looking up from the papers she was jotting notes on. "It`s white."

"So? White is a cool colour!" Savera stared at the white painted nails. White was such a brilliant colour. Due to the reflection of all visible rays of light. The opposite of the absence of colour. The elf studied her nails further. Okay, no way justifying this. I should have painted them yellow. "I wanted to paint them neon green, but Aleha picked that colour first."

Moon cocked an eyebrow at her.

"No regrets." She said defiantly.


The beaded curtains in the kitchen jingled. Then the make shift cloth-door was pushed apart as Moon`s elder sister entered with yellow crumpled pajamas in hand. She dumped it in the dirty clothes basket beside Moon`s room entrance and yawned. The fox-kind looked around with half lidded eyes before falling on Moon`s well-made bed. The only thing neat in this room. Moon eyed her sister with irritation.

"Interesting new lab rats." The older of the two fox-kind`s commented, running her slender fingers through her obsidian coloured hair, stretching. Moon ignored her. She was a lanky female with unkempt, shoulder length hair. I bet she doesn`t even own a comb.

Her ears were similar to Moon`s, but with more to a crimson hue. Her fiery burgundy tail swayed happily behind her on the bed, crumpling more of the blanket.

"Evening, elf. How`s life?"

"Hey, Star. Waking up a little bit too early, don`t you think?" Savera said, sitting up on the chair.

"Much too early. Sun hasn`t set yet."

Star was never a morning person, and her `bad` sleeping habits were one of the many to add to Moon`s never ending list of `things elder sisters do to annoy their younger siblings.` Huh, list. What a degrading word to use. Book, more likely.

"Anyway, Renex came by yesterday night." Star said nonchalantly.

Savera could see how Moon`s attention was suddenly directed towards the conversation at hand. It was obvious that Moon had a `thing` for Renex, and Savera did not like that one bit.

The boy is a human! Humans and Creatures just. did. not. mix! Friends, surely, but nothing more! Savera felt her head ache again as she instinctively used her fingers to massage it. He`d be dead by now, if only he hadn`t suppressed me...

"Are you all right, Sav?" Moon questioned. Savera looked up at her friends worried face, her vision slightly in a blur."Uh, yeah. I`m fine." The ginger shaked her head, trying to regain composure. Fudge! Blues thoughts are seeping back again! Better change the topic quick!

"Speaking of Ren, I`ll have to pay him a visit him later. Need to collect some ingredients for dad." Savera lied. "Anyway, what`s he doing lurking here in the middle of the night?"

"Oh, nothing much..." Star replied, studying Moons movements as she sat up, her own eyes widening. "...He just dropped by to have a look at the awesome new Shuriken I bought online for so freaking cheap! It`s an artifact! Not even made from our world, brought in by traders from when the Portal Protectors still lived among us! Remember Moon? Remember? I showed it to you two days ago! It`s slick and as black as coal and it has these four amazing points, each point so sharp that can cut a person`s limb with almost no friction! And it has these red stripes running through each point and it-"

"I`m pretty sure Ren didn`t come here just to see your stupid throwing stars. What was his original intention?" Moon cut in blatantly.

"Not to see you, that`s for sure." Star replied in a slightly bitter tone. Savera gathered that she was disappointed at her sisters lack of interest in weapons. "And PLEASE do not insult the shuriken by calling it a `throwing star`. They`re not even the same thing."

The only time Savera ever saw Star show real interest in something was when she talked about the many bizarre weapons she collected. From kunai`s to blades made of various metals from different worlds, you name it and if she does not have it, well, Savera has not seen that happen yet. In doing most other chores or being involved in other works, she was dispassionate. And her passionless way of doing thing things often gets mistaken for laziness by Moon.

"So? Why`d he come?" Moon asked, throwing a crumpled paper at Star. Star blocked it with ease, grinning.

"Why should I tell you?" She mocked, causing Moons countenance to redden. Oh, damn. A potential fight. Savera felt her head throb again. Should I play the catalyst here?

"Tell me! Or else!" Moon held her pen pointing at Star`s direction.

"Or else, what?" Star asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Or else she`ll never talk to you again!" Savera replied, winking at Moon. Did I just- Savera shook her head, anrgy at herself. Ah, no! What`s wrong with me! No fights! No more!

"Oh! No! Please, not the silent treatment!" Crud! Me and my big mouth! "We all remember how I suffered it the last time! One WHOLE day without nagging! Please, not that!" Star exclaimed, laughing.

Moon countenance was burning red and her fists were clenched with anger.

"Or else I`ll never cook for you again!" Moon screamed.

Fuck! I`ve got to stop this before something goes wrong! But how?

"We can`t have that now, can we? I mean, who wouldn`t want to eat Moon`s food? Living leeches deep fried with toads eyes and bird brain juice, mmm, delicious." Star mocked, wiggling her fingers for effect. Ouch! I thought her how to cook...

"ARGH!" Moon let out a cry of frustration as she advanced to hit Star with the pen.

"Okay! That`s enough!" Savera got in between them and held Moon`s wrist. Moon glared at Star with her piercing jade eyes as she took in deep breaths, Star rolling her hazel ones.

"It`s okay, Moon. Star`s only messing with you." Savera gently pried open Moons fingers and took the pen from it. Not like that`s going to do me any good. Canines and their bloody claws. Luckily this one is partially tamed.

"Sheesh! Learn to relax, little sis! Stop worrying so much about life, no one makes it out alive anyway!" Star said jokingly as she stood up.

"He came to give me this new program he designed to install on our watches. He says it`s for us to use to track each other, has it installed on his watch already. Don`t know why, not like we`re going to vanish into thin air or anything. Besides, we could just call each other up to find these things out. This program makes me feel like I`m a stalker. I swear, that kid wastes his time on designing the most redundant programs. And if he`s not doing that, then he`s living in some stupid virtual world!" Star stretched and scratched her head.

"Well, i`m off to see the world!" Star proclaimed as she headed towards the entrance, ruffling Moon`s hair before leaving, causing her to growl.

"I`ll install the program for you guys when I return!" Her voice travelled from the other room. Ah, so she`s still involved, huh?
Moon`s behaviour changed all of a sudden as she realization hit her as well. And barely even a month has passed.

"Wait! Where are you going?" She got up and ran to the living room, flanked by Savera.

The living room had no sign of Star anywhere and the balcony door was open, the bright yellow curtain dancing to the songs of the wind. The many fish gazed at them, uncaring, with their huge, slimy, fish eyes as they swam around at their desired pace. Not a worry in the world in their being as long as they were not touched.

Moon slammed her fist on the perplex glass of the balcony sliding door.

"I thought she had stopped doing this!"


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