Templars: The Darkness Rising

Chapter One

The Louvre, Paris, France

The man hurried down the darkened corridors, he kept glancing behind him as the shadowy figure got closer and closer. The man was elderly and wore a brown moth eaten suit, he panted as he continued to run however it seemed whatever was following him was closing in.

He turned the corner into another corridor but stopped dead at seeing three men dressed in long black cloaks, their faces were covered by hoods and they all were pointing crossbows at him. He turned to go back but was met with a man also wearing a black cloak; he had black curly hair which reached his shoulders.

"It's good to see you again Charles" the man said

"I wish I could say the same about you" Charles replied

The man just smiled, he reached into his cloak and pulled out a scroll. He then held it out for Charles, who slowly reached out and took it from his hand. His eyes scanned the scroll and the more he read the more his eyes narrowed.

"So this is why you've returned, this is a legend nothing more" Charles said

"Spare me the denial tricks Charles, where is the key"? The man asked

"I don't know what you are talking about" Charles answered

The man shook his head and looked at the different priceless pieces of art; he then turned back at Charles and shook his head for a second time. Charles however stood firm and stood facing him refusing to back down from his stare.

"Tell me or its death" The man informed drawing a sword from his cloak

Charles watched the blade; he took a deep breath and stood up straight. The man gave a small smile at the old man's bravery; he had to admire him a little bit.

"You will never find the key" Charles said clearly

"We'll see" The man answered with a small smile before he stuck the sword straight through Charles's torso. He retracted the blade and wiped it free of blood as Charles hit the floor dead.

"We have work to do" The man said turning to the three other men whose faces were still concealed by their hoods.

# # #

New York City, USA

The young girl was fast asleep in her bed; the sun had already risen and was pouring in through the window. She was snoring and her face was covered by long curly brunette hair, a golden retriever was curled up at the bottom of the bed his eyes watching protectively over his owner.

The door to the room opened and a woman walked in, she immediately laughed at the sight of the girl her face buried into the pillow. She walked over and gently began shaking the girl while the dog continued to watch.

"Clara, Clara" The woman said quietly

The girl moaned and slowly sat up and pushed her hair away from her face. She was a pretty girl with green eyes and freckles over her nose; however she looked tired and sighed as she looked into the face of her mother.

"What time is it"? Clara asked

"Half past nine, you promised you would meet Sebastian at the natural history museum today" Her mother explained

"Oh yeah, what a great thing to do on a Saturday" she mumbled sarcastically

"Oh come on grumpy, who knows you might learn something" her mom said laughing

Clara sat up and smiled at her dog, she held out her hands and the dog automatically moved into her arms where she wrapped them around him and pushed her face into his golden fur.

"Morning Alfie, were you watching over me again"? Clara asked him

"It seems so" Her mother answered

Alfie had been doing that since the night her father was murdered, when the police came to the apartment and informed them on his death Alfie slept on her bed that night and he seems determined to stay with her every night.

"I'll go and make you some breakfast" her mom said smiling

Clara smiled back and watched as her mom exited her room; Clara's full name was Clara Collins. She was a normal sixteen year old girl; she had normal friends a normal family and a normal life; however she did not know that events had been put in place which would change her life forever.

# # #

"Those are the Knights Templar; they were created in eleven nineteen to protect Christians in the holy lands during the Crusades"

"Fascinating" Clara muttered

She was stood in the middle of the natural history museum in front of three wax models of knights with their swords raised in victory. Her friend Sebastian Cooper stood next to her; he was also sixteen and also a bit of a geek. He had black curly hair and big black glasses that sometimes made him look funny depending on what expressions he made.

"Oh come on Clara, history is not that bad" Sebastian said

"I didn't say it was Bas, but I don't care about some stupid Crusade knights who are not important at all" Clara replied

"Oh believe me young lady the Knights Templar are very important" a voice from behind her said

Clara and Sebastian both turned around to see an elderly man with white hair and a white beard. He was wearing a grey suit and was holding a black cane in his right hand, He seemed pleasant enough but Clara couldn't help but be a little uncomfortable.

"Ah Professor Taylor good to see you again" Sebastian said smiling

"You too Sebastian, but who is your friend who doubts the Templars"? The Professor replied

Clara looked from the professor to Sebastian and back again, she didn't understand why these two were so interested in this group of knights and she didn't understand why they were pressuring her just because she said she found them unimportant.

"Professor Cornelius Taylor, this is my friend Clara Collins" Sebastian said

"Nice to meet you Clara" Professor Taylor said shaking her hand

"You too" Clara mumbled in reply

The Professor then made his way over to the exhibit and stared at the waxworks of the Templar Knights. He then looked at Clara and she couldn't but feel uncomfortable under his stare.

"So Clara, what do you know about the Knights Templars"? He asked

"Only that they were created to protect Christians during the Crusades" Clara answered

"Sebastian been giving you lectures has he"? The professor asked chuckling

Sebastian looked a bit offended at that, but chose not to respond to that comment. Clara gave a small smile and nodded. The professor smiled and turned back to the exhibit, Clara watched him and she could swear he looked at them like he knew them.

"The Templars Clara are a fascinating subject, there are so many different myths and legends associated with them, for example like they were the protectors of the Holy Grail" The Professor explained

"I'm sorry professor but I'm afraid history is not Clara's favourite subjects" Sebastian said

"Ah pity, but I tell you what Clara allow me to give you a book about the Templars and see how interesting they are when you read it"

"Erm yeah sure and I think you mean were interesting not are" Clara corrected

"Oh yes, of course" He replied with a twinkle in his eye which caused Clara to become confused.

# # #

Clara and Sebastian left the museum twenty minutes later; Clara now held a brown covered book with golden writing saying The Knights Templar on the front. Clara turned back to the museum and saw Professor Taylor in the one of the windows looking at her.

When she spotted him he raised a hand and waved, Clara shook with nerves but she didn't know why. The professor seemed to give off a weird feeling and Clara couldn't seem to put a finger on what it was.

"That professor's a bit weird"

"He's a bit eccentric, but he is a good man" Sebastian replied

Clara rolled her eyes at that, Sebastian seemed to be able to say something nice about anyone a quality which she secretly admired. As she was thinking her cell phone rang, she pulled it out of her pocket and checked the screen.

"Who is it"? Asked Sebastian

"My mom" Clara asked answering it

"Clara where are you"? Her mom asked straight away

"I've just left the museum" She answered

"Come home now"

"Why mom, I'm sixteen not six"

"Don't argue with me Clara, get home now"!

Her mom then hung up, Clara growled in anger as Sebastian gave her a sympathetic smile and put a reassuring arm around her shoulder.

"I can't believe she's still doing this"

"She's just worried about you" Sebastian said

"Don't defend her, she needs to let me grow up" argued Clara

"Hey come on, I'll walk you home"

They carried on walking down the street; both of them didn't notice that they were being watched by somebody wearing a black hoodie. They figure looked across the street and saw Professor Taylor standing there who nodded to him.

The figure then began walking after Clara and Sebastian, Professor Taylor watched him go before he finally turned back towards the museum. He gave one more glance at the person before re-entering the museum.