Sorry for not posting for a long time. Hopefully you'll feel something when you read this.

Dad was just cracking another one of his lame jokes. And Mom was shaking her head with a small smile on her face. We were just enjoying breakfast on a good Sunday morning. We were just a normal family, living in a normal life. What happened?

They happened.

They tore our normal, cheerful family life apart, scattering the fragments to the wind, burning it on the way. They tormented us to our death. They destroyed our formerly joyous world.


Every single one of those bastards deserved to die, die an extremely agonizing, brutal, and fiery death. Even their family. Especially their family. For that's what they did to us. What they did to us, we will do to them. Tenfold. No... a hundredfold. Yes. They will feel our intense hatred, our strong determination, our unerasable pain. They will be repeatedly slapped, stabbed, clawed by it, trapped in it. Unable to escape. Unable to breathe. Unable to do anything. Except feel the torture. Every day. Every night. Again and again. Until sanity leaves. Exactly like how we were. We will show them hell. The kind of hell that keeps you up all night, that haunts you all day, that scars you deep, deep inside. that makes death seem much preferable. They will slowly, ever so slowly, and painfully drown in a vast sea of never-ending torment. Die miserably in it. We will not stop, we cannot stop until they get what they deserve. Until they experience the ultimate suffering. Until they hurt like we hurt. However, nothing can hurt us now. We don't have to suffer anymore. Day in and day out. Like before. We are no longer the weak, helpless victims that we used to be. They can no longer touch us. Harm us. At the present time, we can get our justice back. We can finally be happy once again. We will get our vengeance. Because, now...




Not a single thing can scare us now. All we know, all we can do, think, feel is our deep, plentiful loathing for them. With it, we can do anything, everything. Because we are no longer frightened. Of them. Of anyone. Or anything. If our mission has been accomplished, we don't care if we, too, die. If we are sent to hell. Because we already went there. Because we have nothing left to lose. Nothing to hold us back. Nothing to deter us from our utmost goal, which is the violent, merciless murder of every scientist who ever laid a hand on us. We don't know their names. We don't know where they live. However, we will NEVER forget their fugly faces. And we will hunt them down. One by one. Every single one of them. And we will get our sweet, sweet revenge. No matter how difficult, no matter what may occur, we will never rest until we've tortured each one to their unavoidably bloody death. Oh, how long we have waited. We will triumph in the end. We will be at the top of the pyramid. We will rise above them. We will laugh at their faces as they witness their whole, blissful lives shatter to itty-bitty, unrecognizable fragments, as their blessed worlds fall apart and deteriorate to nothing. As they watch their loved ones be tortured. As they experience what we went through.




Soft music is floating lightly through the fresh air. A massive plate of rich, decadent chocolate is set before my eyes. As I happily reach for the mouthwatering delicacy, the cutest puppies race to my feet, nudging my ankles. A silly smile stretches my lips.

Suddenly, a loud clash rudely pushed me out of sweet slumber. Disturbingly piercing, ear-breaking screams immediately reach and fill my delicate ears.

I quickly jerk up. A single thought in my head, screaming at me.

My kids!

Adrenaline pumping through my veins, I run. Fatal fear riding my body hard, heart pounding painfully, thundering terribly, I dash with my heart in my throat to the entrance of their room. The door is ajar. The unmistakable, sickening scent of blood cuts through the air, permanently permeating it. I instantly know and completely recognize that distinctive odor.

My heart froze.

But I push that aside and I rush in, fearing the worst.

Sizable, strange men are in the room, towering over my bleeding babies. Hurting them.

"Mom!" My poor children cry heartrendingly for help. The excruciating pain in their voices shoots straight into my heart, impaling it, mangling it, breaking it.

Knowing it is futile, fully futile, that I am only a tiny, weak woman and they were a fairly large group of brawny men, completely knowing that I was no match for them, that I can't do anything to aid my destined-to-die darlings, that it will only equate to my dreadful demise, my feet takes me to their side, leading me to my capture and eventual death.

Grinning callously, displaying no mercy, they begin inserting acutely sharp, jagged pieces of glass into my flesh. The waves of pain sharply splashes into me, cruelly coursing through my body.

I shout. I struggle. I fight. But am unable to break free.

At my feeble yelps, at my sad lack of power, at my pathetically watering eyes, at my pain, they smile wider. So brightly that it can burn eyes.

"...yes... hurt... hurt more... and more..." the strangers chanted softly, delightedly, as if mesmerized by all of the blood, by our agony as they started mechanically nailing us to the floor, spilling more ruby life essence. "Forever feel the torment you inflicted on us... feel it..."

With no hesitation at all, they plunged their filthy, fiendish hands into the soft stomachs of my kids, tearing through skin and flesh, provoking the little ones to shrilly shriek and weep, desperately crying for the sheer agony to stop, and the heinous men pulled out some of my children's vermillion organs.

Why are they so red? With all of my might, I attempt to kick and squirm my way free, but my one strength isn't enough. I can't do anything. I'm not strong enough. I can't beat them. Failure and undiluted depression closing in, I close my eyes to the inhuman scene, but they pry open my eyelids, forcing me to witness my loved ones' torment. Blood... There's so much blood...

Agony like no other consumes me. Again, I try to get free of my painful restrains. But nothing hurts more than my kids' sharply shrill squeals of pure pain, cries for sweet relief, for immediate help. Echoing in my ears. Breaking my heart, my soul, my mind. Destroying my sanity. Killing the very core of me. My munchkins' tormented screams are forever firmly engrained in my soul. Each one was like a thousand knives stabbing into my heart, my very soul. I can't breathe, can't think, can't see. I'm crying so much.

But I fight. And I lose.

And they laugh.

Such cruel laughter.

Such delighted laughter.

I watch them spic up and torture my cherished lovelies. The tortured cries ring in my ears. Resounding in my mind over and over again. Scarring my soul. Haunting my heart for an eternity. There's no possible method to halt their suffering, no way to forget their heartbreaking screams. I need this to stop but I can't do anything. It hurts. Hurts me deep inside. Feelings of smothering pain and regret for what I've done overwhelm me. I can't help but utterly despise myself as they grin widely and proceed to roughly shove glass shards into the remaining organs of my beloved darlings. My sweethearts' originally strong screeches grow softer and softer as they steadily lose strength.

I know what I did. I remember the men's faces. I can't ever forget. I'd committed extremely egregious deeds. That job brought me to my lowest. I loathe myself for the crimes I'd done. Furthermore, I strongly detest myself for not being able to rescue my children. Abhor the men for hurting us. But, no matter how much my hands have harmed, my beautiful babies don't deserve this. I want this to stop. I need it to cease. I must do everything in my power to save my innocent angels.

"I can't bear to watch this! Just kill me instead! Please stop hurting them! I'll do anything! Just please! Please let the children go! They'd never hurt you! They're guiltless! Do anything to me instead!"

Their only reply is...

A satisfied, sadistic smile and...


Still smiling satanically, as if drawing great pleasure from torturing young children and women, they start wrapping my precious babies' torn, broken organs around their wicked necks like scarves as vividly red blood, my angels' blood, slides slowly from their stained fingers, from everywhere the organs touched, onto the bloody carpet.

Drip, drip, drip.

I immediately faint.

Malodorous urine is splashed onto me and I am conscious once again.

I no longer hear my kids' howls of torment. So... in my heart... I know...

Tears stream down my cheeks. As much as I desire to not believe, I understand that I can't avoid reality.

They're gone... forever...

And it was my fault... our fault...

"How can you commit these atrocious acts toward children...?" I breathe softly, almost inaudibly, deprived of sensation, feelings.

With my kids' death, I, too, die. My heart and soul. Gone. I feel nothing, completely numb, as they slowly peel my finger and toenails off. I feel nothing as they savagely shattered every bone in my body. I feel nothing as they force-fed me scarlet, so scarlet, chunks of my children. Unable to cope, to handle, I close my eyes and just leave. Departing from this brutal world that I no longer want to exist in. Escaping from these heartless men. From everything that hurt.

I... want to be with my loved ones.

"You didn't have mercy when it was us who were the victims. Why should we do the same to you."

They chuckle once again, grinning like devils.


Thank you for reading. A lovely present and future to you.