Jesse felt the rush coming. His brain was sending messages to his nerves to make him shudder and twitch. It was backwards because his body was supposed to send his brain signals whenever he felt discomfort. In his unwired mind, he reasoned that he must be loosing control of his nervous system. He figured he had about ten seconds left to live. After that, his brain would tell his nervous system that bugs were underneath his skin. And he would have no choice but to peel his own flesh off until he removed the hard white skeleton that had intruded into his flesh.

One. He counted slowly to save as much time as possible. Two. The numbers trailed out of his mouth at a snails pace. Six. Someone had hit the half speed on Jesse and his body obeyed the command. Eight. Fear welled up inside of him as he neared ten. In his eyes the shadows grew giant claws to help him scratch off his nose and peel his muscle from his bones. Nine. He watched as his fingers turned to claws as well. Ten. He looked at his arm and saw tiny dots all over it. The bugs had begun to rip through his skin, so he slowly reached the daggers of his fingernails and began to scratch.

The roar of a motor echoed hard against the wall. It's engine was growing louder, and sound waves crashed more frequently into Jesse's eardrums until it reached him. The orange car looked like a Tony the Tiger infomercial on wheels. It's bright, orange, undercarriage lights burned away the shadows and the bugs. His skin was bathed in a brilliant radiance of neon lights. He saw the driver's fierce look of determination as he turned right and skidded to the opposite lane. The car corrected its course and continued to speed away at sixty miles and hour.

A smile was plastered to Jesse's face as he watched the car fly away on its wheels. The smell of burning rubber greeted his senses. It erupted into his nostrils like a rotten egg hanging in a paper plant that was built in the middle of the Okefenokee Swamp. In the next few moments his mind would recall that Savannah had been built over graveyards. Then he would figure that his nose was smelling the decomposing bodies that had been dumped in the mass graves underneath the earth.

Jesse turned his head to the boy sitting beside him. They spoke at the same time. "Matt, I think I'm going to scratch my face off." Despite his new sensory overload, Jesse was still worried that he should rip his flesh from his bones.

Matt's conversation was unrelated. "I told you, no cars ever stop at this red light. It's green now, and it knows when to turn for the other streets. I'm telling you, all of these streetlights. They are set up man. People can see through them."

Jesse pulled out his pack of Lucky Strikes and held one out to Matt. "Cigarette?"

Matt had already opened his pack out to Jesse with the same intent.

They stared at each other with evil smiles on their faces. The drug had changed their modes to that of sinister plotters. Threatening to divulge every twisted opera that they concocted to each other, the drug put them on the same emotional link as one another. Jesse was happy to have his old friend beside him. When he had dropped out of school, Matt was the one person who seemed to be stuck with him. Jesse still remembered when Matt cried to his older sister about how afraid he was of Jesse. Jesse had sat in the next room. However, Matt had soon come back with a different opinion. The two had been inseparable after Jesse choked out a boy who had threatened Matt.

A white car passed by in a blur. It's electric motor made only the faintest of sounds as it flashed by. The black Hummer that drove behind it was so dark that Jesse almost didn't see it. They both turned down the same road that the orange car had gone down, and they disappeared after a moment.

"They're hunting." Jesse's mind remembered the Most Dangerous Game.

Matt looked stunned. "What?"

The plan had formulated in Jesse's head. He explained how the orange car represented a tiger. Then he went on to say that the other two cars must be hunting whoever is driving the orange car. He had no way of understanding how correct his dilapidated brain's idea was. Later that day, near noon, while Matt and Jesse slept, their friend would post on Facebook about a drug bust last night. A snitch had informed the local sheriff's department of a large amount of cocaine coming in from Samoa. That Snitch drove an orange car with black stripes. The gunshots would be fired too far away for Jesse to hear. In the back of his mind he knew that they would catch the snitch.

This story isn't about the possibility of precognition in homo sapiens. Jesse and Matt did not only enjoy the fruits of labors and hallucinate positive and negative energies for hours on ends. They broke the definition of human and lived to tell their tale. You will want to stop reading now. You don't want to hear about how they learned to manipulate and play the opposite sex. You don't want to hear about how Matt can control and abuse those he loves and how Jesse will beat and destroy anyone he cares about. I warn you, that if you want to read a happy story, then this story is not for you.