I shiver from the inside out

Hurting, screaming, lowering myself

Into the bitter cold

"It's not so bad,"

She says

"Come with us,

Where the whispers get quieter

And their smirks grow dim"

"'We're all mad here, '"

Says the wonderland within

So cold is this place

I feel the frost upon my face

Her chills grasp my hand,

"Come dear, grab a sweater

Take a blanket,

Hand over thy fears

Let their faces disappear,"

Shivers spread throughout my hips

As numb go my fingertips

My inner voice is missing

Her whispers are hissing

"Let go

Set yourself free,

You don't need much

Just me,"

Frost becomes moisture

And the sweet cotton of snow

My salvation

Satisfied chills

Come from deep within

Wondering from what other world

Did I ever fit in?

Here the snow twinkles,

Here the mountains quiver

And yet, I wonder

About these shivers

A reminder of a place

Where the sun once filled my face

A feeling of warmth before the nothing came

Dare I venture out

To ever feel the same?

I tear my fingers away from the ice

I Melt away to feel again

And offer stiff limbs as my sacrifice

It becomes colder and colder

"And just where may you be going?"

She echoes, her hand on my shoulder

Frost ventures up to my hips

Numb go my finger tips

"This place you speak of

It's hurt you before

No need to fret, do not quiver

Just you wait,"

She coos, "Ill take care of these shivers

There's something for certain

About these people you knew before

And that my dear is

You are not one of them anymore"

So cold go the Lights

I should have listened to mother:

She always said beware of frost bite