I smelled her perfume on my skin. I remembered the taste of strawberries on her lips. Her emerald eyes. Her smooth, soft flesh. Her blood stained my clothes, it reeked. I went into the bathroom to clean the horrors I had done. The water warmed my body. I lay in the soapy water, thinking of her. I sat up. I heard the sound of pans falling. I grabbed a towel and went to see what the noise was. A woman stood in the kitchen, she smiled at me. I could smell cookies baking. "Look, Kyle, I'm making your favorite cookies!" She said. I could smell the stench of death on her, it was covered with fruity perfume.
I sat down at the table. She put a plate of cookies and milk in front of me. "Come on, Kyle, have some!" She said with a grand smile. I tried my hardest not to smile back, but I couldn't help it. The shampoo in her hair was green apple, I loved the smell of apples. She touched my face and frowned. "Kyle, you don't look as young as I remember you," she said. I gently moved her hand away. I could smell the cookie dough on her fingers. "Who are you?" I finally asked. She laughed, and then she looked at me. She knew I wasn't joking. "Kyle, you don't remember me? It's me, Susan!" She said with a slight frown. "Susan?" I said. I didn't know of any Susan. I inhaled deeply. The smells were overwhelming. Susan frowned, she was confused. But, I was the one who was truly confused. I didn't understand who she was and how she got there. I stood up and said, "Susan, I don't know you," Susan laughed, "Whatever, Kyle, stop joking and put some clothes on!" I had forgotten to get dressed, all I had on was a towel. I blushed, and went into my bedroom. Once I had gotten dressed, I went back down to the kitchen. Susan was still there, her smell was stronger than before. She continued to bake. I went into the silverware drawer and took out a knife. Susan smiled as she made more cookies. The smells, they were so wonderful. Susan's blood was so sweet. So sweet. I still wondered who Susan was, but I couldn't ask her. No, her smell was not one to be wasted. I slept well that night. The scent of Susan sits in a jar by my bed. I smiled while I looked at it. I still remember the sweet smell of her cookies. The wonderful smell of her shampoo. The cloying smell of her blood, I will never forget those beautiful scents.