Stalk your prey
Catch them in the woods
Steal them with little sweet
Break me until I'm dead
Go on, don't pretend
Come in for the kill
And I'll run to the hills
I may be hurt
But I'm not broken
My wings still fly
And this heart of mine
Is going to
Run, run, runaway from you
And that shotgun too
Even if I stumble, even if I fall
I won't let you hang me on a wall
This soul has too much spirit
To let you win
Take your aim
Take your shot
But I won't be caught
So come in for the kill
I'll run for the hills
This survivor's going to
Run, run, runaway from you
Try to fight back,
Try to catch me again
But I'll bite back
I won't let you win
Run, run, run for the hills
I'm coming in for the kill
Run, run, runaway from me
Run if you will
If you don't, I promise you WILL be killed