Her ink black lips whisper into my ear, " I know a place we could go too." Her silk smooth hand grasp mine, and she leads me to a dark room. "What is this place" I ask, having no clue where she took me. "This is Tomb," She smiled. Slowly her cream white skin, turned into rotted flesh, her golden hair turned into dust. She was all rotted flesh and bones, I tried to scream but she got a hold of me and dragged me deeper into the tomb. I could feel the bony fingers griping my arm, I tried my best to get away but to no luck. Soon I ended up in a room fulled with treasure. " Stay with me forever, we could be happy, love me?" The once beautiful woman who I had come to love, was now just rotted flesh and bones. " How could I stay here, your dead and I'm alive."

She had a sadden look on her eyes," we could both be dead together?" I had come to love this woman, but when I met her she was beautiful, kind, loving, and so much more. Little did I know though that she was a dead monster.

" I understand, you don't want me, I'm dead your not."

Then I looked at her, I kissed her passionately. Her lips were still smooth, and leathery. " Your looks have changed but your heart hasn't." They ended up living forever in the tomb till they were both dust. Their love was much more than looks. their love was real.