Chapter 7

"Eli" Avery muttered softly, her back up against the large oak tree in her back yard. She looked beautiful, not hot or 'fine', beautiful. Like an angel. Her copper colored hair spewed across her collarbone, curling slightly at the ends. I hope that she could sense the adoration I feel for her, as I look into her eyes, I know she can't. She looks conflicted, sad, even slightly betrayed.

"Eli, I don't want you to break up with Hanna. If people see us together you will be labeled as a freak."

"I don't care. I don't care what they think, or do, or say. I care about what you think" I said, moving closer to her, cupping her cheek softly in the palm of my hand. "What you do" my thumb grazed across her cheekbones. "What you say" I leaned down towards her lips.

"This isn't going to work out, it's a temporary thing and you know it"

"Then let it be a temporary thing. Be happy for a little bit of time, is better then being miserable your entire life."

My lips grazed her cheek, lingering there, admiring the soft skin.

"We can't! We'll both end up hu-"

I kissed her, silencing whatever else she had to say with my lips. Immediately her arms came up to twine around my neck and my hand gripped her hips fiercely.

"I want to be temporarily happy" she whispered, her breath warm against my ear. "Eli"

"Eli! Wake up!" My eyes flew open to see a very annoyed Mr. Jones staring down at me, a textbook in his hands.

Damn, I really need to find a better way to end my dreams, because in the middle of a hot kiss, and then waking up to your English teacher is not very pleasant.

"This is the third time that you have fallen asleep in class."

"I'm just really stressed out."

"Well, you have to fix it. You are not doing very well in this class right now and I don't want to fail you."

"Okay. I'll do better" I say. I gathered up all of my things and walked out of the classroom quickly.

"Eli, come to lunch," Hanna whined, pulling at my shirt.

"I'll be there in just a minute."

She walked over to me and placed a sloppy kiss to my cheek before walking on with the Barbies.

"So I see that you two are back on track," Avery said, her eyes wandering from the floor to my face and back down again.

"It's easier to not fight with her."

Avery just rolled her eyes. She didn't have to say anything to tell me what she was thinking. She's thinking exactly what I am thinking.

I've become the female of the relationship.

No, seriously, Hanna has me on a leash and I am too afraid to run away. I am a coward, a scared, selfish, little coward who doesn't want to deal with the consequences of breaking up with a bitch.

"Ready for lunch?" Conner asked, him and Reeghan walked over with their arms hooked together.

He needs to ask her our already. Clearly, they like each other, they just don't want to admit it.

"I was thinking. Why don't we all sit over with Hanna and Brett?" I asked, a fake smile engraved on my face..

"Okay, I am going to say this as nicely as I can" Reeghan stated, pushing her black hair out of her face, "that is a terrible idea. Do you not remember that they only like you? Not me, not Conner, and surely not Avery."

She was absolutely right. It was a down right terrible idea, but just because I am a coward doesn't mean that I'm not stubborn. Or pathetic.

"Can we please just try to sit with them. Maybe they'll play nice."

Again, Avery's bright green eyes rolled.

"I will try if Avery will" Reeghan said, a smirk on her face.

"Yeah, me too" said Conner.

So all eyes went to Avery and believe it or not she rolled her eyes yet again.

"You are so lucky that I'm amazing."

So we all walked into the lunch room, got our food, and sat down with the posse.

"Eli, what the hell are they doing here" Hanna demanded, her eyes going over Reeghan, then Conner, and then finally Avery.

"I asked them to come sit with us. Come on, maybe we can forget about the past."

Avery rolled her eyes for the millionth time. I know she doesn't like sitting over here, but she could at least try, to make my life a little bit easier.

"Did this freak just roll her eyes at me?" Hanna yelled, her fists slamming against the table.

"Hanna, drop it."

"No, I have dealing with this bitch for a month now and it is time to let it all out" she said her voice eerily quiet.

"Conner, I haven't liked you since we were four years old. You are weird, no one likes you except for these three" she spat.

"Reeghan, you had a chance to be popular. The difference between me and you is that I'm loved you're despised."

This is worse than I imagined.

"And Avery, you little freak of nature. Since the first day we met I have hated you. Now you are trying to steal my boyfriend. Go kill yourself. Go kill yourself. No one wants you and your ugly ass face in this school."

And then... silence.

Literally, no one said a word. Conner and Reeghan left, but Avery just sat there.

Hanna couldn't let it go at that though. She had to bring it to the next level.

She stood up and poured her milk all over Avery and then skipped away like a little girl.

Slowly, Avery stood up and grabbed her bag. Ignoring everyone laughing at her. She slung her bag over her shoulder and started walking towards the exit. I followed close behind and wiped some of the milk off of her red dress.

"Go back to lunch. She hates me. Not you. Don't ruin your reputation. Leave me alone."

"There is no way in hell that that is going to happen."

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