What are you built on, O Canada bright and fair?
How many unmarked graves of unsung heroes do you stand upon?
O Canada, whose government, for my yellow skin did not care,
I left my wife, my family, my home for how many years long?

O Canada, you work me and my brothers to the ground
You discriminated against my brothers and sisters, blocked us from here
when we require compensation, your 'good will for all men' is nowhere to be found
we now realize that your intentions were not clear

For 20 years, my family and I were apart
But you, O Canada, do not care, for you got your railroad
I was forced to be separated from those close to my heart
and you do not repay us for the evil you bode

Because of others' pale skin, they were allowed to live in peace
but my skin is yellow, and therefore I am less
how is this possible, in a country, where all racism is to cease?
Who professes to help all, all races in distress!

Canada of justice, you are built on hypocrisy and lies
You stole the land, you proclaim to be free
You, Canada of equality, were to our cries
We were legally discriminated by your decree

The Head tax was far too high a price for us to pay
You thought of us, on your land, a gruesome blight
You, O Canada, ignored our desperate please, so all we could do was pray
but we promise we won't go down without a fight

O Canada, for your wrongs we demand recompense
we have the right to the money, the years you stole!
You wronged us without thought, without reason, without sense
so we declare our protest, for how the hardship took its toll!

O Canada, you have so many more, we are not unique
but that does not make the action any less grotesque
our protest we will shout, yell, scream, shriek
O Canada, we put your integrity to the test

You have wronged so many souls
us, the yellow skins to the people of the prairies are akin
But as always, to ours, to their suffering, you do your eyes close
but we will pry them open, you will see that we are proud of our yellow skin

We call you out, O Canada, on each forgotten, evil deed
the yellow skins, the red skinned, the black skinned, we all kin
We will judge you, Honourable Canada, by your own creed
we will see if you are comfortable in your own, naked skin

a/n: This is a poem about the early Chinese immigrants in Canada, during the gold rush. We're studying about them this year in social studies and it inspired this poem. Sort of based off the documentary 'In the Shadow of Gold Mountain'. As always please review! :)