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"Hey babe." Daniel greeted her as he kissed her good morning. "I missed you."

"Oh please, spare me the disgusting mushiness." Lyn pretended to gag. "You'd think that after three and a half years of this, my stomach would have been stronger by now…but unfortunately it's not."

"You'll get over it!" Tara grinned as she stared doe eyed at Daniel.

"That's what you always say." She may have not had bothered to speak at all for all the attention they gave her. As of that moment they were in a heated lip-lock. Lyn smiled ruefully then shook her head, "I can see where I'm not wanted," then she added as an afterthought because really they were so caught up in each other that the apocalypse could have started around them and they'd never have known. 'just saying guys, it's weird that you can possibly miss each other so bad when I know for a fact that you guys went out last night."

When she still got no response, Lyn rolled her eyes and turned to take out her books from her locker. You'd think that after more than three years, they'd have at least gotten a little bored of the face-sucking sessions they were constantly locked in. If you did then you'd be sooooo wrong. Daniel and Tara after that fateful day under the tree had hooked up after Lyn found every reason to throw Daniel into Tara's path. She'd realize the very instant that Daniel liked her best friend, and she knew for a fact that Tara like him, but the two bozo's had been too retarded to do anything about it. So she'd been the grown-up and taken matters into her own hands. So when Lyn really took the time to think about it, the scene behind her was a result of her own intervention and she really only had herself to blame; otherwise the two would have continued skirting around each other forever, or until some other chick made a move on him. And a guy like him didn't come around very often, and the panting females with the puffed hair-dos and over-zealous make-up knew it.

"Hey Lyn, what are you doing after school?"

"Look everybody they finally came up for air!"

"Haha!" it was Daniel who replied with a sarcasm Lyn had to admire. It hadn't been often she met anyone who's snide comments rivaled hers and she had to admit that she may have met her match. "Bout to go back under, but I thought it was important to let you know that a bunch of us are heading to the Ridge after school, and Tara said she'd be there."

"Do I get to see more of you guys snogging?"

"To your heart's content!" Daniel grinned, and she could see that he was already eyeing Tara like she was good enough to eat. Tara's flush was adorable, not that she'd ever admit that. Instead Lyn rolled her eyes.

"As much as I'd love to see that, I think I'mma pass."

"Come on Lyn! It's the last day of school and this is like the last time the year is going to get together before graduation. And I know for a fact that you hate the idea of prom so what's the deal." Tara actually managed to take her attention from her boyfriend and turned to her best-friend. "Don't tell me you have anything more important to do, cause I know for a fact that you don't and I already told your mom and she said it'd be fine as long as we had you back by one."

"Nice one T, go over my head and straight to the Momster," Lyn rolled her eyes. "At nineteen, you'd think a girl had the right to stay home locked in her room if she wanted to. Believe it or not I still have a couple Poe stories I haven't read yet."

"Really?" Daniel gave her a blank stare, "You'd rather stay at home reading Edward Allen Poe, than hang out at the Ridge on the last day of school?"

"Babe, you better believe it. But Lyn, this is like a rite of passage and you're already skipping one of the three, though I'm sure you'd find a way to skip graduation too if you could." Tara scowled at her best friend and blew a breath of exasperation that caused her blonde bangs to go awry.

"You know I hate these 'social gatherings', for want of a more accurate description. It's just an excuse for guys to get drunk and grope girls. And graduation is so over-rated just send me my diploma in the mail and it'll have the same effect. Good-bye and good riddance to high school."

"Amen to that!" Daniel chuckled, only to stop when Tara elbowed him not so gently in the ribs, "What?"

"Don't encourage her." Tara warned then turned to face her best-friend. "Some of us actually think it's a big deal"

Lyn muttered something under her breath along the lines of " It's cause you weren't raised any better" which had Daniel sputtering with laughter and Tara trying with her all her might to keep the scowl planted on her face, though it was making a considerable effort to make way for a huge grin.

These were her two favorite people in the world and there was no way that she was going to go anywhere without both of them. She rolled her eyes as the two of them exchanged an exaggerated high five and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"If you loved me Lyn, you'd come with us!"

"Really Tara, you're pulling that card?" Lyn looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Next you'll be telling me that the core of our friendship hangs in the balance over some decision of whether or not to go to a party that's not unique in any way from the hundreds that have already been thrown in this school."

"I can count on one hand the amount you've been to in the six years we've been here!"

"So what, seen one, you've seen 'em all."

Watching her shrug nonchalantly as she took the last of her books from the locker, Tara wanted to smack Lyn upside the head. Lyn was being difficult on purpose. Then it clicked to her, of course that had to be the reason she wasn't going.

"Clifford's a pig, was always a pig and will always a be a pig, who cares if he turns up or not, are you really going to make him determine the extent of fun you're allowed to have? There is a reason you broke up with his sorry hide. He couldn't be charming if his life depended on it, and it was his stupid cheating that ended things."

"Babe, I got to go. Miss Croach is my final period and knowing her she'll find some way to make this truancy be more than a blip on my record.' Daniel said before kissing her cheek. Sad but true, she'd almost forgotten he was there as she had her mini-standoff with her best friend. She pulled him back for a proper sendoff kiss before allowing him to depart. Then she turned back to her friend who was pretending to throw up in her bag. If she rolled her eyes one more time, Tara was convinced she'd be picking them up off the floor after loosening them up so much.

"You guys should be thanking me you know. If it wasn't for me you guys would have missed out on all this face time."

Tara felt herself grin at her best-friend, "Thanks. But you aren't changing the subject. Forget about Clifford and come hang out with us."

"That's easy for you to say, you still have Daniel."

"Lyn…." She sighed, "there are other guys out there, and if I'm not mistaken Patrick has been giving you the eyes for weeks now, give the poor boy a chance."

Bull's-eye. Tara's grinned widened as she watched her best-friend's face color. As much as Lyn thought otherwise, she hadn't been too busy snogging Daniel to notice what was happening with her best-friend, especially since he was Daniel's best-friend.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" Lyn sputtered as she slammed her locker a little louder than intended. Oh yeah, Tara thought, her best-friend had it bad.

"I'm not stupid Lyn. And FYI he's already confirmed that he's driving us over there later. All of us!"


"Just say yes and know that we'll be going to my house to get ready and the guys are going to be picking us up at 5."

"Well I guess it'll be ok…."

"Of course it will be." Tara grinned triumphantly as her friend smirked at her. She knew she'd had her at Patrick.

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