Neko Land: by sjo165

AN: This is most likely going to be one of my shorter (like, one or two chapters) and more... uh... broader stories... Also, this contains my main characters (Dagger, Hikura, Caitlin, and Tabitha) from my other story. This also takes place in Ineka Academy. Enjoy!

PS: Neko means half cat.

PPS: Dagger is half dog. Hikura is a neko, and well as Caitlin and Tabitha. Ineka Academy is a school that is specially made for half cat or half dog people.

The sunlight bursted through the curtains as the ray landed on the my black and shaggy hair. I blinked and rolled to the side, grabbing the sheets in the process. I blinked again and sat up, yawning. I stretched my arms and tail quietly, breathing in some air. I heard a cry from another room, but I ignored it.

I bounded off my bed and into the bathroom, taking a quick shower. After I was done, I swiped the toothbrush and hairbrush from the counter and began to brush my dog fangs. I smiled as I brushed my hair at the same time. I finished and spat, going into my room to get dressing. I put on a casual blue shirt with black jeans, with my Nike shoes dangling by the shoestrings from my mouth.

I grinned, slipping them on tight. I got into my doggy running position and bounded off, the wind closing the door for me. I kept running, thinking of today's schedule:

Since that today was a Saturday, I was free to do whatever I wanted, as long as it was on campu-

I bumped into someone, falling hard onto my back. I rubbed my head softly, then looked around. My eyes widened slowly.

Girls. Nekos. EVERYWHERE. No boy in sight.

"Hey look everyone! Dagger's here!" the girl who I had bumped into cried out. Suddenly, all the girls turned to face me, then squealed in joy.

"Come here Master! Come play!" one yelled, grabbing me by the waist. My blue eyes widened once more, pulling her off in a second. They all started running towards me, grabbing me in close places. I wiggled them off, but then I started falling again.

"Oh Dagger... you're a naughty boy..." another girl said, blushing. I had landed straight onto her chest! I barked and ran off again, hiding behind a tree. I tried catching my breath when my ears detected another boy. Under all those meows from the girls, I heard a very small one... only one from a friend... a very easily scared friend...

I ran towards the pile of girls and dove in, grabbing the girl-victim's arm. I sucked in a heavy breath and stared at the ground. I blew out heavily, sending a gust of wind and ice towards the outsiders. All the girls shrieked and ran away.

Cats are so easily frightened...

The gust of ice trapped the ground in a blanket of ice, while it shot me up into the air. The girls turned into ants the higher I went. The victim shivered, holding onto my arm as if it was the last thing on Earth.

"Thanks for saving me Dagger..." he said, blowing his pale hair out of his face.

"No problem, Hikura." I said, grinning.

The next chapter will most likely be the last, depending if you guys want me to write more... seeya!