I hear it,

Every single night it resounds and bounces off of those hard walls, heading straight for my attentive ears.

I hear them,

The tortured screams and desperate cries for help.

I hear them,

The strangled agony coming from their mouths, I hear it.

In the midst of the darkest hours of midnight it resounds, coming straight for me, rocking my soul to the core.

I hear them,

The mangled bodies that have littered the floor now appears in my dreams.

I hear them,

The death that dots my vision day and night, haunting me with the apparitions from that time.

I hear the battles,

The gunshots and yells for victories, they scream aloud for me to hear yet none of it was of us.

I hear,

The silence of the midnight that marks the end of my nightly journeys.

I hear the dead coming to me, plaguing me for the coward I've been.

I hear,

The war of those times long ago and far away.

I hear,

The comrades lost and happy times gone.

I hear,

The loneliness that surrounds me like a thick fog, blocking anyone from coming close to my heart.

I hear it,

The war's going on with cannon shots, gun shots, and painful cries floating lightly in the darkness.

I hear the painful torture of all the men, I hear the beautiful laughs of the friendship created between life and death situations, the deflation of pride as the undefeated men sink away.

I hear,

And I awake.

Now I find myself alone,

In this empty apartment with no one but the apparitions of old friends wandering about, disturbing my dreams and granting me nightmares, serving to increase my insomnia.

I am an old man,

Once was a soldier,



And loving husband.

Now I have been lost to the cruelties that I must face for the sins I have caused.

I wake, screaming with tears trekking down my wrinkled face.

And I hear,

One last time,

Of the happy laughter and torturous throaty yells of war.

The sounds fade and I'm greeted

By lands of green and seas of blue

Then I will at last see

My comrades of the lost