I Know

I don't know what to say.

(For it has gone on for too long)

This feeling,

(Something that haunts me with its merciless claws always invading my mind)

it suffocates me to no end.

(Escape is nye impossible)

I try, yet I can't,

(Of the truth it hides, the loss of the lies exposes the truth that stays hidden)

to find the source of this.

(Non of knowns will accept the knows of this)

But I know, even if I deny it.

(The allusion applied seeks the comfort of unfounded warmth)

I know.

(That is of no right to say the words that haunt the past)

In the darkest hours of the day,

(Wherein I lay, pondering in my thoughts about the day I forgave)

Where thou art does not shine,

(For I am lost in this ever revolving world, without a place to be)

The moon will dim,

(The stars won't reach a definite doom)

And thy sun shan't rise.

(The rays won't come for the breath has been cut and taken away)

I lay,

(Right from the start to the end of the final end)

In the midst of it all,

(I think and wonder of the similes and metaphors)

Through the rumbling of the giant's stomach,

(The cries of despair won't be heard)

In the darkness where fey lurk,

(My shouts of agony masked)

And the paths of the demons carved,

(My sanity gone with the wind that flows do swiftly through everything)

I see thee light, bringing down and broiling the sweetest dreams ever concocted,

(The reality there is in-perceivable for the dream that it makes is

of the hopes that has been dashed)

Yet the end shall not meet my eyes for the sins that have been caused and not repented.

(My fate has been decided and running is not an option)

Fear doesn't reach here,

(For the emotions have been chased away)

Numbness is all that proceeds,

(For the heart that doesn't feel)

Happiness is gone,

(For the joy that has run)

And shan't be perceived.

(Since the far away times it has been taken)

I have seen and have heard,

(Yet I can't touch or experience)

Of the beauties that lay above,

(That won't ever be in the reach for the deep depths that I have sunk)

Still thy ego won't allow my heart to be set free.

(Forever trapped in this dark eternity)

Wallowing in the grief of the mourn that I don't understand,

(The numbness has returned yet with the tinge of emotion, the unbalanced scale shatters)

How shall I head on with this heaviness.

(Burdening my empty shoulders, giving me a sense of oddity)

Disillusionment is not a pleasure I'll have,

(The life has come back, and a new Hell shall be received with open arms)

For there weren't any dreams for hope to begin with in this endless darkness.

(The demons lurk along with monsters, fey, and devils. Satan's soul will be fed)

In the end, it shows

(Of the darkness and light, which is carved and which is there?)

I know.