Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Grey sky, grey clouds, grey drops drizzle down
And a figure swoops to capture the scene.
It laughs at life's monotonous frown
In a manner so darn obscene.

High on a branch, the crow rests its legs
And watches misery's glare.
It smiles at all those below who beg
thinking life is finally fair.

From below we watch the solitary bird
crow and laugh at our demise.
We mutter words to remain unheard
as water splutters from the skies.

I want to say 'pity our souls'
But this fate is of our doing.
Where there was hope, we carved in holes
that killed all we were pursuing.

Some of us keep our heads up high
But deep down, it hurts, I know.
We traded in our smiles for sighs
When we said yes to UChicago.