Ode To Chocolate

Oh, Chocolate,

how I admire your prowess.

Hiding in clustered swarms in the sour depths of your grim mother's belly,

ripped out premature, grinded and scalded until you stop the blubbering, become your sticky tears, pleading sweetly.

Then, leisurely chilled until your soldier heart reaches

Full maturity.

Your spicy aroma wafts like petals riding wind and

seduces all who dare venture close,

tugging at their souls with your dark mysterious swirls

like staring into a bottomless deep pool.

Drawing them in,

drawing them in,

drawing them all in.

Boom, the primordial Aztec drums, boom boom boom

Raise the golden goblets!

Silent and unafraid of stark black night,

Unsoiled by filmy clouds, no stars to obliterate or delude true sight.

You reveal our dark inner desires,

propel forth destiny.


Divine Nectar of the Gods.

Oh, once they take you, you melt and live again,

beaming brighter than the Big Bang.

Their bodies soft and subtle, steel strength surging,

blood a' bounding, hearts a' hammering endless beats.

Soul and body interconnected for one harmonious moment of

crystal clarity.

You are the nourishing rain to withering plants,

a long sought- for cure for the dying man,

home for the soul to snuggle back within.

You can come as a

river of sweet haunting melody,

a raspy lullaby from Mummy





Or with a fragrant, savory crunch,

gritty soles scraping satisfyingly on wild rocky plains,

humming a coarse country tune.

You may shift into the smooth Tibetan plateau.

High, bright,

creamy mist rolling on the tip of the tongue…

Your delicious goodness, purer than a lark's song

flows like the first spring breeze

into our dank hibernating selves.

Like shooting rays of the dawn sun

giving, giving, giving

You grant us a sole private moment of

Content Bliss in midst of our tightly cranked clockwork life.