Mizu: Only I can protect you.

To think that I would have to sneak into my dad's building from the back...but it was the only way to not be caught. Since I had something dangerous hidden, I couldn't be delayed. Fifteen minutes left. In only fifteen minutes everything would be over.

I got on the private elevator and went to the top floor. The doors opened, revealing a large office with a front desk. It was where his secretary worked. When I told her who I was, she immediately bowed and gave her greeting. After getting permission from my dad to let me in, she showed me the way. The huge double doors opened and the person that I (or rather Mizuki) hasn't seen for two weeks was sitting proudly in his chair and working hard with no idea of what was going to take place.

"What are you doing here?" He asked with a cold glare.

I took out the papers that showed pictures of that woman he loved, Katsu's mom and evidence from how she used to also be a co-owner of the company and threw it at his desk. After a few seconds, when he picked up the picture and looked through the papers I dug deep inside the bag and pulled out the gun, hiding it behind my back for now.

For the first time I saw him out of his element, his face pale and him sweating. He couldn't keep the shock from his face. He asked me how I found out about it. "Did you really think you'd be able to hide it forever," I replied back just as cold as he did. When he didn't say anything, I continued. "Let me ask you something...you...did you love mom? Or did you marry her just because you were forced to by your parents."

To my annoyance, he went back to being calm and composed, acting as if nothing happened. "It was only an arranged marriage. I didn't have any feelings for her and she knew that from the beginning."

"...How can say that as if it had nothing to do with you? She killed herself because you drove her into a corner! Why? Because of you why does Mizuki has to suffer?"

"What?...What are you...?"

"Everything is your fault. If you had just told her that there was nothing to worry about, even if it was only pretending, I would have been born. I had to endure everything she couldn't. Her hatred, her darkness, her guilt, her loneliness." I grinned. "I ate all of her emotions!"

"What nonsense are you talking about? You need help."

"Perhaps." I chuckled. "But it's too late for that." I raised my arm and steadily pointed the gun at him.

"Mizuki...do you know what you're doing? Put that down before anyone gets hurt?" He went pale again and stared at the gun.

I snorted. "Oh, but a lot of people have already been hurt because of your obsession. What's one or two more?" That was when the door opened and the person who I lasted wanted to see Mizuki like this, stepped into the office with her two brothers.

"Mizu...stop being foolish. If you do this, then don't you know that Mizuki will be charged as a criminal?" Toshi said with a cautious expression.

My hand twitched in response. It was Mizuki...did she respond to his voice? But what was surprising was that Toshi knew that it was me and not Mizuki. Or maybe he thought Mizuki wouldn't be able to do this sort of thing? I smirked. How naive. You don't know how much she suffered.

"That isn't a problem, this was her plan from the start. Mizuki planned on killing her dad after exposing everything to the press, and then killing herself."

"W-what are you saying?"

"Six years ago, Mizuki killed her twin brother, ever since then she hasn't been able to forgive herself."

"That was an accident!" Aki loudly declared. He looked half dead, dirt on his clothes and scratches on his face. The other two weren't in better shape. It seems like ever since I left they've been searching non-stop for me. "It wasn't intentional!"

"That's right, I think so too."

"Then why?" Katsu asked, cautious as well, he didn't move a single step ever since entering the office.

I didn't say anything for a few seconds, but looked at them. "Mizuki...that day, she took Haruki out to play on the roof. You two might not remember but Haruki was scared of heights. Instead of backing off, he decided to follow her because Mizuki was feeling down for the past weeks and he wanted to cheer her up...and when she looked away only for a split second, he was gone from her sight."

"In the end...you can only say that it was an unfortunate accident." Katsu replied.

"An accident? Not for Mizuki. She wanted to scare him, make him cry. That's the real reason why she took him out there even though she knew he was afraid of heights. For her, it might have as well been her who pushed him off the roof."

The air in the room became suffocating with my last words. No one had anything to say to that. Hah! As I thought, they can't do anything to help her. Not in the past. Not now. I was the only one. I turned back my attention to my dad. When I looked at the clock I laughed. "Ha! Hahaha! It's over! Everything!"

"What?" Katsu, Aki and Toshi said simultaneously.

"Right about now they should be talking about NKE."

His face went pale. "Don't tell me you...?"

"Every bribe, threat and deals you made underground, I sent the evidence to the press! Haha...hahaha! I thought it was strange how you were able to make the company expand so much in just 15 years. Schools, agencies, training facilities...that's impossible unless you get your hands dirty. Ever since I debuted, did you think I was just following your every command?! Mizuki knows better than that."

"Why?..." He stopped before finishing and the continued. "What's going on? Why are you talking about yourself in third person?"

"That's because...Mizuki right now is a different person." Aki answered for him, which confirmed that both Aki and Katsu knows about me.

"...A split personality?" He snorted. "As I thought, you need help."

And that was when I realized that this person in front of me, he would never change. He never cared about his family from the beginning. Everything he did was for himself. Enough. I no longer want Mizuki to be pulled around by this sort of person. When I almost pulled the trigger, Katsu and Aki both yelled.


An echo in my head made me flinch. It wasn't just Katsu and Aki who yelled. Mizuki. I eased my finger from the switched and glanced at them. "Why?" I whispered.

"Mizu?" Toshi called out worried.

"Why are you both defending him? After everything he put us through because of his obsession with the past. This man hurt you both too! Katsu! He lied to you about your mom and kept you from seeing her! Even she suffered because of him!" I swung around to look at Aki. "And Aki, don't you hate him for taking away your freedom and your love for music?! Everyone has bad memories because of him! Even Kana, who isn't part of this family! But you still want to defend him?!"

"Even so, we don't hate him." Aki said, looking me straight in the eyes. It was unlike him. "If he didn't do everything he did, I wouldn't have realized how much I love music."

Katsu smiled at Aki and nodded his head. "My mom never hated him, even until her last breath she kept repeating about how happy she was that he took care of the company. It was a sign for her that he didn't forget about the past."

"What's with that?" I chuckled. "As I thought...you're all just cowards."When I pointed the gun at him again, this time intending on pulling the trigger, she stopped me again and I froze.


My hand twitched again.

That's enough. Enough.

Mizuki! Don't stop me! I'm doing this for you!

I...don't want to hurt anyone else.

I put my arm down and at the same time Katsu grabbed the gun from me. I don't know what happened next, because I lost conscious. When I came to, I found myself standing in front of Mizuki. "You don't need me anymore?"

She shook her head. "If it wasn't for you, I would have died after losing Haruki. But I was able to endure everything with you by my side. I'm sorry, I made you carry my darkness. You know, I realized now, no maybe I realized it a long time ago...that man, my dad, he sometimes has this lonely aura to him." She smiled. "I'm still scared of losing those I care for but I won't run away anymore."

"I see...haha, I'm relieved to hear that. I guess you'll be fine without me for now on...don't make that face...even though I say you'll be fine without me, it doesn't mean I'm disappearing."


"I'll always be protecting you from in here." I pointed at her heart and kissed her forehead. "See ya. I'll leave the rest to you."


Mizuki: Change isn't easy, but I'll try my best.

I opened my eyes to a familiar ceiling...oh right...it was my room. It felt as if I hadn't been in here for years and yet, it was the same big empty room with the huge mirror, school uniform hanging next to it and the violin case leaning against the wall. But somehow, there was something...something that seemed different. I stood up, wearing just a black nightgown, I opened the door to my room and walked down the hall towards the silent proof practice room with my violin.

Here as well hasn't changed, if the maid didn't clean this place up regularly, it would have collected dust by now. That's how long it's been since I cam here. Taking a deep breath, I settled the violin on my shoulder and like always, had it perfectly set up. With a swift movement I lifted the bow and started to play that one song that I always ran away from. The music box that Haruki used to love.

Slowly finding a place in the music piece, the piano followed along effortlessly with my pace. Somehow, I was already so used to his presence that it didn't even surprise me that he was here. He was the only one who could follow along with me, even when I was making a lot of errors. Before we could finish the song my hand started hurting bad enough that I collapsed.

He caught me before I hit the floor too hard, on my knees I sat there paralyzed with him next to me. And he continued to sit there as I cried in frustration. I tightly held in his shirt in my hands and hid my face from him by burying myself in his chest, but I couldn't stop myself from making sobbing noise.

"You know, I loved him...but why...that day I thought this little boy who has everyone's love and praise, I want him to cry. That idiot didn't even know I was playing around with him and just smiled at me. I'm really horrible, aren't I? I was so jealous of him."

"That...doesn't that only mean that you were lonely? When I was little, I was always on my own for as long as I remember. I was in bed ill, and my dad would sometimes introduce me to other kids from the neighborhood so that I could play with them. But after spending some time with them I realized how different we were and then I'd chase them out by being mean."

"Haha, that's just part of your personality." We looked at each for a few seconds and then both laughed.

"Laugh more and more...that suits you better." He leaned in, brushing his hand against my cheek and the his lips against mine. It was warm. It was the warmth of a person and most of all the warmth of the person I fell in love with. He pulled back and took my hand in his. "Rest...no matter how long it takes and then when you pick up your violin again, play for me the song most important to you. I'll come find you at that time."

And then he disappeared from my life.

Three Years Later

Mizuki-chan!" With my heavy bag around my shoulder and my violin in my hand, I turned around to see who was calling my name so familiarly. A girl from the class I just came out was crowded around some of our classmates. "We're going to that rumored live house that opened a few weeks ago tonight. You're coming right?!"

"Who would want to intentionally go hear some loud, unrefined music? If you have time to waste listening to someone else play, then shouldn't you guys be practicing for our final next month? You shouldn't underestimate it, even if music isn't what you want to do in the future you need to pass this class. How..."

Someone's arm wrapped around my shoulder, stopping me from finishing my sentence. "Hahaha, so you'll come right?" It was the voice of my best friend. I met her when I came here.

I blushed and nodded my head. "After work," I mumbled. The crowd of students laughed. "There she goes again, tsundere-chan." One guy said, the others agreeing and laughing. "But that's what we like about her." One by one they left, filing out and waving their goodbyes. "See ya later, Mizuki!" Some called back to me.

A lot has changed in these three years. I moved out of dad's house and started living with Katsu-nii. I even changed my last name to the same as his, it was his mom's last name. Even now, I'm still not sure if I should have. Dad's company, NKE took a lot of damage of course. But with the help of Aki, they were able to get the company back on the right track...that was with the condition that dad leave the company.

Toshi went back home and then three months later he left to go study aboard. He had made a deal with his parents, that if they let him be my music instructor, he'd listen to them and leave to study. So he couldn't disobey them. We kept in touch for a few weeks but he suddenly stopped getting in touch with me. I guess it was because of his parents. But it's fine, since I still believe in the promise he made to me.

After graduating High School I attended a University that focused on music and theater. It isn't as famous as what NKE used to be but I learned a lot here. I also quit my job as a professional violinist. Instead, I now play the violin at Ryuu's bar every Friday. Oh, don't be surprised about this, but apparently Ryuu knew about my identity as when I crossdressed as Haru. When I asked him why didn't he tell me, he said, "I...wanted to make a place for you where you could smile. Even if you think that "Haru" was someone fake that you created, the time you spent with us was real. Don't forget that I've known you since you were little. I saw through your disguise the moment we first met."

As for my illness, I got surgery and went through tough rehabilitation. I wasn't able to play the violin for about a year. It was worth it, of course.

Kana and I actually still keep in touch. She told me that never really hated me but hated my dad. Well, even though we keep in touch it's still hard to find time to talk to her. That's because she made her début in an orchestra as their piano player and she no longer wears an eye patch to hide her different color eyes. She's become known as the "pianist with beautiful eyes".

"Hey, you're early." Ryuu said from behind the counter as I came in.

"Today we're meeting at the live house so I want to finish early." I took out my violin and looked at the clock. The bar was already filled with regular customers so it was fine to start playing now.

"Sure," he said smiling. "Play something nice."

I blinked my eyes. Ryuu was acting a little strange today... "Okay, then...I'll play this song that hold a deep meaning for me." I don't really know why but at the time, for some reason I wanted to play Haruki's favorite song, even though it's been about a year since I last played it. Taking a deep breath, I moved the bow and started playing. And the sound of a piano followed along.

My eyes widened and heart raced. Everything in my body screamed for me to turn around but I didn't. For the first time in my life, ever since I picked up the violin since I was little, it was the first time I wanted to hurry up and put the violin down. And when it finally finished, I quickly turned around. "Toshi..." I whispered. He looked different. Taller, more masculine...it was as if the frail Toshi with a pale complextion was someone completely different.

As if hearing me, he stood up. "Actually...it's Toshiyuki Asakura. But well...you can call me Toshi." He said with a huge grin.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, with my violin one hand and my bow in the other I cried and laughed. That was when I finally remembered Haruki's last words to me. I got it already Haru. What you really wanted to say to me, what you wanted to give to me, I'll always make the best of it.

And that was the melodies of a love story.

Fin ღ