Chapter 1

Ahhh, the sweet smell of a college campus. It is so much more comforting than that of a high school campus. Or would you call it an area? Personally I don't think high school compensates enough for the term "campus". It doesn't have the same feeling of a college. College feels so much more free and sophisticated. Here in college, I think I can finally be myself. I won't have to worry about judgment because I'll have my own group to find comfort in. At least, that is the plan.

So here I am at Columbia University with my best friend Natalie. I am here with the intention of triple majoring in biochemistry, anthropology, and psychology. If you can't tell by what I'm studying, the human being fascinates me. I plan on becoming a trauma surgeon; but you know, one step at a time. Natalie is studying drama with intentions of becoming a director and screen writer. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, we just arrived here in the Big Apple. I have been here before, but Natalie hasn't, so I'm showing her around before we go our new apartment.

We went to Broadway of course—after all it is her inspiration for coming here. After Broadway we checked the usual tourist attractions like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. At about twelve we went to my favorite deli for lunch, and then decided to head to our apartment in Manhattan. You're probably wondering how we can afford an apartment in Manhattan of all places since we are just freshmen in college. Well, to answer your question, I nailed a job at DKNY as a photographer, while Natalie will work on the tech crew on Broadway. With the money we both rack up, we can afford a nice apartment in a nice high riser with a view of the city. After we put out boxes and newly bought stuff in the apartment, we chose our rooms and unpacked. Once we were done with that we decided to head to the campus.

Now that that little flashback is over, we walk around campus looking for the best places to study (which will more than likely be the library or a little café), where to chill, class locations, blah blah blah the usual college stuff. We finally reach the biology section where I will be spending a nice chunk of time. We turn the corner when suddenly someone runs into me, knocking me down onto the hard cement.

"Owe," I say. I stand up and start brushing myself off. "Watch where you're going next time will you?"

"Sorry Selena," a voice says.

That voice. I know that voice. Now where have I heard that voice before?

"Selena, why don't you look up and say hi to Andrew," Natalie says, emphasizing his name. I look up to see none other than Andrew Specter, my high school crush.