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Chapter 6

Chris has just finished showing me around and has already introduced me to me supervisor, Kevin. We are now heading to my new "office". I use that term loosely because it has the space and arrangement of an office, but there are no walls. It goes from my desk space, bookshelves, etc. to someone else's area. I'm not sure it I like it or not. When we reach my desk area I see that there is a ninety-degree angle desk, a rolling chair, a nice laptop, a couple of bookshelves that act as dividers, and a whiteboard/bulletin board near the enormous windows. I sit my stuff downs and walk over to the windows. The view is surreal. I can't believe I get to look outside to this city every day.

"Amazing isn't it?" Chris says, shaking me out of la la land.

"Yeah," I say, still in a trance.

Chris looks down at his watch. "Well I wouldn't want to keep you from working. Right now, I'd take this to set up your desk and make it like home. Once you're done I'm sure Kevin will be around with an assignment for you."

"Mmm hmm," I say, not really listening to him by this point.

He notices this and starts walking away. "Don't forget that we're on for lunch at twelve. Even if you're working on some huge assignment I'm going to whisk you away."

How could I forget? A gorgeous man asked me out to lunch and has since then been flirting with me. Not something I wouldn't remember.

I start unpacking my stuff, organizing as I go along. I put up a couple of pictures of my friends and brothers up. I add a few photographer books onto the bookshelves. I'm no pro at photography so I've got to read up some things. I'm going to have to buy a few more things to complete the area, but for now it's good.

Just like Chris said he would, Kevin is coming over to my desk. At about 6ft 4in, Kevin is a towering figure. He looks to be in his thirties and with a cashmere sweater, block glasses, and a short up do, he is the true vision of a gay man.

Maybe he will be my new gay best friends since obviously, Chris won't be taking on that role.

"Selena," he says excited. "You'll never guess what I have for you." He's practically bouncing up and down, holding a folder in his hands.

"I'll take a gander and say my first assignment?"

He playfully hits my shoulder. "Look at you. Aren't you a smart one."

I shrug my shoulders. "I try."

He hands over the folder and I start reading through it.

"You're going to be covering the new end of the summer shorts collection." What the hell are end of the summer shorts? "This is going to be an outdoor shoot so the directions to the park are in there."

"Which park?"

"Why the only park worth shooting at, Central Park. Come on Selena, I thought you were on top of things. Central Park is the go to park."

"Well I've been to Central Park before so I'll be able to find my way there without these directions."

"Good. So your crew is already setting everything up. You're the boss there so you tell them what to do. The people in charge of poses will tell you a general idea of what they want, but besides that it's all up to you."

Is he for real? I'm in charge? How can I be in charge; I'm only 17. I don't have the skills to lead all these people. Especially people who are older than me. I thought I was just going to help someone who is in charge with like setting up stuff and directing the models to do specific poses. This is all too large for me. "Kevin…"

"Yes." He looks directly into my eyes, as though he is looking for something. It's almost like he knows what I'm about to say.

"No offense to your judgment or anything, but why me? Why not have someone with more experience be in charge. I mean, I'm just a kid; I have no idea what I'm doing. Besides, since I'm a newbie, shouldn't I be at my desk pushing papers or something—"

Before I can finish speaking, he puts two fingers over my lips and shushes me. "Selena, I have seen your work. I think you have true potential. The only way that you can excel at all is if you get experience. Besides, why would I have you doing something as mundane as paperwork? We have assistants to do that shit. Speaking of assistants, your assistant, Rachel, will meet you on site. If she's doing her job right she'll have everything you need and your entire schedule always on point."

I look at him with disbelief, but accept his explanation. "Well, I think it would be best if I leave right now. Wouldn't want to be late to something that I am in charge of." I turn to leave but before I can escape, he grabs my arm, startlingly me.

"I almost forgot about your company issued camera." He whisks me away until we come to a room full of cameras and attachments. He grabs a camera and case, handing it to me. "This camera is yours to keep."

"Really?" I look down at the expensive piece of equipment that has been given to me. I've never had anything that costs so much just given to me. "Thanks." With that, I grab everything I need and head back to my apartment to get my car. As much as I love the environment and not wasting gas, there is no way I could carry everything all the way to Central Park.

When I reach the shoot location, the area is incredibly busy. People are rushing everywhere, models are being prepped, and it just seems like a bunch of chaos. I'm in charge of all of this? Yeah right. Well, here goes nothing.