"There's no way to break you is there girlie?" Ash sneered.

"Nope. So go fuck yourself cos you sure as hell ain't getting anywhere near me." I spat at his feet.

That did it.

He growled and grabbed a fistful of my hair, dragging me up by it until we were both standing, well he was standing and my feet were a foot off the ground. He thrust me against the wall and pinned me there, his face inches away from mine. His eyes glared into mine, and had it been any other girl, they would have been scared shitless. But I held my ground. I had lost everything, he had murdered my family, held me captive and hell, maybe he'd kill me too. What did I care? I had nothing to lose. If it weren't for the goddamn chains around my hands, I would wring his neck and carry out my last wish; take him down with me.

He tilted his head with a sadistic look in his eyes, contemplating me like I was a meal. A menacing grimace and under his breathe he said: "Maybe I will.." What?

His grin widened monstrously across his handsome evil face. Understanding I didn't have a clue what he was talking about he explained: "Maybe I should fuck you."

My eyes widened in horror. No.

"That'll do the trick now won't it. That'll break your spirit.."

I struggled against his grip now, desperately trying to break free. No. No. NO.

"Yeh, I don't think so, you're not going anywhere missy. You're mine."


Slap! The other side of my head bashed against the wall from the force. My left cheek stung and I could feel it beginning to throb as if he'd struck it a thousand times over. My eyes began to water but I refused to let the tears fall. Not in front of this guy. Not in front of this monster.

I turned my head back to face him and he grinned his cruel smile.

"Okay then, let's begin." He lips crushed against mine and I gasped in the shock of it all. Here I was, trapped, being held captive..sharing my first kiss with the man that killed my parents.

His tongue began to slide into my mouth. My eyes shot open to see his handsome vile one, eyes closed, strong jaw tense. I bit his tongue hard.

"Argh! You little-" furious he grabbed my head and bashed it against the wall. My vision blurred and nothing would stand still, it was as though he was rapidly shaking in front of me. I grabbed my head in agony, chains clinking as I did. He glowered at me and grabbed my grubby shirt, dirtied from days of being locked in that prison of a room, and with one swipe he tore it right down the front. I howled and scrambled to cover myself up with my chained hands. He grabbed my hands and threw me to the cold concrete floor. Still disorientated, I tried to crawl backwards, away from him, but he leapt on me pinning my arms above my head with one arm and ripping off the remains of the tattered shirt from my back with the other. He straddled my legs with his, trapping me, preventing me of any escape. He starred down at me hungrily trying to take in every bit of my exposed body that I had wished no one would ever see.

He then did the most disgusting thing I had ever seen; he licked lips!

I cried out in disgust, in agony, once again trying with all my might to wriggle out of his grip but his strong arms bulging from his tight black shirt held tight, unaffected by my struggle. He gently placed his hand where the bone of my hip met my jeans and tucked a finger inside, sliding it along until he reached the button at the front. As his warn hand moved against my cold exposed flesh it sent shivers through my body, making me momentarily forget whether it was actually from fear and hatred, but instead from something else? I internally cursed at myself as he popped open the button and pulled down the zipper. Before I could react he'd pulled off my jeans leaving me clad in only my bra and panties. The cold air of the concrete cell enveloped me and made the heat radiating off his body all the more obvious.

His hand crept up the back of my thigh until it reached the crease of my cheek. He trailed his forefinger along the crease, back and forth, back and forth, caressing my ass and thrust his tongue into my mouth again, moving it with the same rhythm.

Without warning I felt his hand suddenly at my crotch and with two fingers he began to rub my panties against myself. I cried out the tears finally falling, sobbing pathetically. He grinned with pure satisfaction and began to rub harder, and faster.

"You know what to do, beg, plead me to stop. Plead me to end your life. Give up!"

I just carried on crying shaking my head from side to side. I would not. I would not go down without killing him!

"Fine! So be it.."

He stopped. Getting up he ran both his hands through his hair, smoothing the long black strands back so once more, he looked like the distinguished murderer that he was.

He stared at me with those soul scorching eyes for a long moment and then turned his back slamming the metal door shut behind him. The sound of the reverberating door sounded through the tiny windowless room. I breathed in gasps struggling to maintain a steady rhythm. Was that it? Where was the rape? Where was the murder?

A/N: Just something I feel like you should know: this is coming from a girl who's never been kissed.