Date: Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time: 12:33am

The world is moving slowly around me

And the people are moving quickly

Swiftly through the streets of life

While I sit here criss-crossed


Expressionless as I watch them all go about their lives

But refuse to carry on with mine

Sometimes I consider joining them

I'll even close my eyes

And dream that I've moved miles

When in reality I've hardly moved an inch

It's like I'm a statue

Cemented permanently to the ground

A work of art

For all to see

To point at and discuss as they pass me by

And carry on with their lives

While I remain motionless

They wonder why I remain here

Sometimes they even speak to me

Ask me "Why?"

But I'm a statue and I'll never reply

So they carry on while I remain

But I'm a lot like them

I age with them

While they age towards greatness

And wilt away like roses

I begin to crack and crumble

Until one day I'm nothing but rubble

And while their seeds will grow

Into beautiful gardens

That will live on for generations

Mine will fall into dust

Left behind and forgotten

As I've always been

Because I refuse to move from here

While they carry on

Fast paced, important, lively

They ask me why

But I don't answer

Because I cannot

Answer a question

That I do not know the answer to

Maybe I'm standing for something

Here for a cause

A revolution called depression

That leads nowhere

Except where I already am

While they carry on