No point in wandering off
to the path of subtlety,
when the truth is so close,
truth always tastes better.

I can feel it,
I can wrap my fingers around it,
Why should I deny it?
It's much sweeter than your darkness.

You surround yourself
with pretenses,
I'd sooner dig my own grave
than to live within false promises.

I know the limits,
I distance myself from your fantasies,
they will only bring you death,
even they know you're hardly awake.

Is it red? Is it true?
Aren't they all the same, after all?
Why do you kill my expectations?
You drown yourself to defend the knives that stab you.

Your dreams are scared of your smile,
it's broken and full of lies,
I don't mind holding your hand,
just don't dream about me, don't think about me.

If it is a play you want,
if it is a chase you want,
look around, sweet dream,
you are predator and prey.

Your heart beats to the drums of chaos,
my feet dance to the path of destruction,
they swear is all true, they swear I'm awake,
and that all this time, we were one and the same.