I'm ready for this test, Mom,

I'll ace it just for you.

I studied all last night, Mom,

And memorized the formulas, too!

I know I can do it, Mom,

My report card speaks for itself.

I'm sitting down now, Mom,

To take the test you'll hang on your shelf.

I'm opening the test booklet, Mom,

And I'm reading the first problem.

I figured it out, Mom,

And I feel excited and awesome.

Now I'm reading the second one, Mom,

And I start to get confused.

I skip it for now, Mom,

Waiting for that feeling to diffuse.

But it doesn't, Mom,

And I'm starting to get afraid.

I'm panicking, Mom,

Worried for my grade.

I don't know any of it, Mom,

Not the proof, short answer, or multiple choice.

And I'm terrified, Mom,

There's something funny with my voice.

My heart's pounding, Mom,

And there's this horrible feeling of defeat.

And I don't know why, Mom,

This test should have been one of my feats.

Time's up Mom,

But I don't hear.

Something wet's rolling down my cheek, Mom,

And I realize it's a tear.

Why did this happen, Mom?

I should have gotten an "A."

I understood everything he taught us, Mom,

Even in his own limited way.

It's not fair, Mom,

That all my hard work be thrown down the gutter.

I had "A's" all yearlong, Mom,

But that's cut down like a knife through butter.

Why was the test like this, Mom?

Why didn't it have anything I learned?

Are the other ones like this, Mom?

Why aren't more people concerned?

I really hate it, Mom,

My grades are all for naught.

Why did this happen to me, Mom?

Is it the perfect report card I sought?

I'm scared now, Mom,

What does this all mean?

My future looks uncertain, Mom,

Even though I'm just a teen.

What's going to happen, Mom?

Will it be alright?

I don't know what to do for the next one, Mom,

Should I study tonight?

None of the material I'd learned was on that test, Mom,

So what should I do?

Please forgive me, Mom,

I couldn't ace the test for you.

AN: This style used is from Went to a Party, Mom by Unknown. Please leave a review even if you disagree with me.