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Kaitlyn stared glassy-eyed at the toy in the shop window. The usual action was repeated- to dig into her pocket for some wads of dollar notes. Her aunt Louise sighed. Ignoring her, Kaitlyn felt downcrest as her fingers only fumbled about a coin or two. She stared down at her dark pink and beige dress layered with sequins and diamonds and other sparkly materials that reflected light in all directions, complemented with light pink shiny high-heels and jewellery. No, Kaitlyn thought fiercely, this one not enough.

She elbowed her aunt Louise for her sigh and trudged half-heartedly back to her villa.

Kaitlyn curled up on her window seat in her palace-like bedroom, staring at the first few snowflakes of the winter as they floated down from the ashy clouds. The fire(electric, of course) roared in the fireplace.

The window fogged up. She, frowning as the condensation marred the view of the culdesac, rubbed a hole in the fog, peering out. The Monet kids from the house opposite were frolicking in the steadily thickening snow.

As she watched, the front door of their bungalow cracked open and their mother- or their maid, she couldn't tell in the snowstorm- called them inside.

Kaitlyn sighed, climbing off the plush purple cushions. No more entertainment. She walked past her tablet, which was fixed onto the wall. Pursing her lips, she quickly jotted down a note in the tablet to install anti-fog windows in all the rooms in the villa.

The millionaire collapsed onto her canopy bed, where she stared up at the pictures that were attached to the top. All of her parents. She rolled over, smushing her face in her plushy pillows and groaned. Then her arm reached out, blindly looking for her smartphone that was usually lost under the pile of pillows on her bed. Her hand felt the sleek matte metal casing and pulling the phone out, she quickly sent a text to her maid.

A few moments later, there was a tap on the door. A young girl, who looked like she could be the same age as Kaitlyn, peered around the door. "Yes, Miss Corneill?" she squeaked out. The poor dear looked absolutely terrified.

Kaitlyn sat up sharply and glared rusty daggers at the so-called maid. "Where's Joanne? You're not Joanne."

"Miss is very busy. She said for me to go in her place. I am Jeannie. Her niece." Jeannie did something like a bow/bob/curtsy.

"Did I ask what your insignificant name was?" Kaitlyn snapped. She turned to face away from the young maid. "Anyway, while you're here, I need your help. Could you wipe the windows for me? I'm afraid the fog has marred the silkiness of the glass."

"Yes- of course, Miss Corneill. I will fetch the cleaning supplies first, though." Jeannie did the bow/bow/curtsy thing again.

Kaitlyn lay down on her bed again, as if merely talking to the maid was the most exhausting thing in the whole world. "Do it." She flicked a head vaguely at Jeannie.

The maid, dressed the part in the typical frilly black and white uniform, bobbed again. And left the room.

Kaitlyn stared at the dangling pictures. For a few moments, she wondered whether she should take down the pictures and replace them with pictures of... of what? Then she laughed at herself, scolding herself for not even thinking of the idea in the first place. Pictures of herself. Durh. Who else better than pictures of moi? She made another note to have Joanne call her professional photographer for Joanne to come on Friday. After tutoring.

Jeannie slipped in quietly and began wiping the windows, mouthing something.

"Are you singing?!" Kaitlyn sat bolt upright and ran to her golden ottoman, all the while staring at the maid. "Sing for me."

Jeannie's eyes widened. "But Kaitl- Miss Corneill!" she protested. "Its against the standard protocol..."

The millionaire waved it off. "Eh. Besides, who made up those protocols?"

"Mr and Mrs Corneill...?" Jeannie faltered.

"Oh," Kaitlyn blurted out, then immediately mentally kicked herself for sounding so stupid. Now the maid- was it Jane? Jade? Jemma?- would think she was a silly girl whose parents were deceased, day by day sitting by the window, watching other kids play and feeling sorry for herself...

"Um... The windows are done, Miss Corneill," Jeannie's high-pitched voice interrupted her messed-up thoughts abruptedly. Kaitlyn decided to resume into her bored-looking act. She promptly gave a small nod to Jeannie, mouthed a "Go away", before turning her back on the confused maid. Yet, she could still feel Jeannie do her irritating bob/bow/curtsy, before- finally!- leaving the room.

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