Then Kaitlyn remembered something. The toy!

"Jean! I mean, Annie! Hey, Jeannie! Come back!" Kaitlyn yelled. If that Jannie-oh, whatever her name was- didn't come back in two seconds, Kaitlyn would probably have her head for it.

The small girl came running back and this time, she bowed so low her head almost touched her knees. Stupid girl, testing her patience? Well, she would get it.

Kaitlyn snatched a book nearby and flung it roughly at Jeannie, who was still admiring her knees. The hardcover book landed on Jeannie's head. Hard. Before sliding off to the ground.

"Miss Corneill!" Jeannie bit her lip, not daring to even mouth another word. She rubbed her head painfully and that hand soon became bruised by another Kaitlyn's dusty encyclopedias.

Kaitlyn got up from her comfortable position and grabbed Jeannie by her shoulders. The twelve-year-old slowly jerked her head up to look at Kaitlyn, her eyes filled with tears.

"Stop your useless weeping and listen." Kaitlyn growled menacingly. "I want you to go to my piggy bank and fish out ten fifty-dollar notes. You think-I know!- that i'm lazy and stupid, but I do know how to count. And right now I'm extremely sure I have seven hundred and sixty-four, cents eighty in my piggy bank. Don't you steal, Jeannie. You may have your aunt's trait of stealing."

Now, that was a fib- Joanne never stole once. But who cares much, anyway? The more Jeannie was scared, oh, the better it was.

Jeannie nodded. As Kaitlyn let go of her shoulders, Jeannie scuttled away, relieved. She massaged her shoulders from Kaitlyn's iron grip. Not forgetting to massage her head and her hand, too.

Feeling more light-hearted now, Jeannie scrambled to Kaitlyn's piggy bank which was located in the middle of a fancy laced room.

Jeannie pulled out the keys in her pocket heavily. There were at least twenty keys connected to one chain and the keys were the answer to 95% of Kaitlyn's stuff.

The clink-clank of metal inkling against metal could be heard. Finally, Jeannie noticed a purple tag with the heading "Kaitlyn Corneill's piggy bank keys DO NOT STEAL". Rolling her eyes, but somehow satisfied she did not have to look through the whole bunch of keys again, Jeannie unlocked the piggy bank and counted out ten fifty dollar notes. Hold on! Or was it...ten ten-dollar notes? Or exactly seven hundred and something-something cents?!

Jeannie's heart rose with fear. She unknowingly crushed a fifty dollar that she had just plucked out in her hands.

A strong gust of wind blew. Jeannie thought she could feel the house rocking, especially in her Kaitlyn-fear.

Something flew onto the floor. A drought, perhaps. Jeannie resolved to track it down and make sure it was gone...later.

Naturally, Jeannie panicked again.

"Oh, no... I don't know where that came from... Now it flew onto the floor... I won't know where to put it back..." Jeannie murmured softly to herself, facepalmed.

She picked it up.

It was a picture of a man and a woman smiling and laughing, cradling a small little girl with a ribbon in her blonde hair and she looked... awfully cute.

That looked so like Mistress.

"The Corneills." Understanding dawned upon Jeannie almost immediately.

She did not know where the picture came from.

Neither did she know what to do with it.

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