Hello, people! Welcome to my temporary return fic featuring my OC Chad Kaplan! XD

This time, it will explain if Chad is a coward man toward his problem. XD

WARNING: This fic involves sexual talk, so be warned.

I hope you enjoy. XD

On a slow Saturday afternoon, Chad Kaplan emerged from the bathroom, doing his business as usual: Take a shower, brush his teeth, dry his hair, and sometimes take a wank when his hormones were too much to handle. This time, he was only wearing a boxer shorts because he was alone in the room. It was not that someone will barged in, or so he thought.

He walked to his office table to continue his work. Today was his birthday, but they already celebrated it two days ago due to tight schedule on the actual day of his birth. So it was a normal day as every other day was.

After working for an hour, he saved the file and stretched his arms. It was time for his eyes to take a break. From the corner of his left eye, he spotted a frame with a picture of a man, his arm around his woman. He picked it up and observed it. The man was him and the woman was his wife, Sevil.

Sevil was an angel for him. She was so graceful and beautiful to his eyes. Everything was perfect to him. As he thought of his wife, his sexual urges became active, thus giving him another erection. Chad felt the tightness of his pants and groaned. He already took care of this one while showering yet it returned to haunt him.

'Damn it, penis. I already took care of you.' Chad facepalmed at his thoughts. Good thing no one had a power to read minds, or people will be grossed out from the mental conversation with himself.

'You do know what you really wanted, but you do not do it.' His thought annoyed him ten-fold. As much as he was tempted to do it again, he had no courage to do it again, fearing that his wife will be hurt.

'That is not I wanted. I wanted to get rid of you, dirty thought. And how the hell did I created you, anyway?'

'I am a part of you, fool. You are legally married to a woman yet you never satisfy her.'

'Shut up. I love her, and she loves me back. She is happy.'

'Lame. You do know that she also wanted to have sex with you, yet you are too foolish to notice. Too stubborn to satisfy her.'

'Shut up, sexual urges. Masturbating is enough. The only reason why I made love to her was because she wanted to have a child with me.'

'You are so, so lame, Chad Alex Thompson Kaplan. No wonder why no girl wanted to be with you.'

Angered by his own thought, he stood up from his seat and glared at the erection poking on his boxers. If looks could kill, that erection will be gone. "I TOLD YOU, SELF! MASTURBATING IS ENOUGH AND I WILL ONLY HAVE SEX WITH HER WHEN SHE WANTED TO HAVE A CHILD WITH ME! UNDERSTAND?!"

Unknown to him, someone already entered his room and heard his outburst. He turned around to see his wife with a horrid look on his face. His face flushed deep, too embarrassed at his wife to say anything. With only one thing on his mind, he let out a yelp of shame and hid underneath his bed sheets.

He had to explain himself to his wife that was clad in a very skimpy maid outfit. Wait, what? Skimpy? Why was her wife wearing something like that?

This should had been longer, but nope, I'll end it there. I'm not good at lemon, so let your wild imagination do the rest. :P