"You hit me!"

"You punched me!"

"MOM!" The two young boys with dark hair like their father's yell in unison as they bound down the stairs angrily as they shove each other.

The young woman with her honey brown curly hair in a ponytail turns around just as her husband comes in from the backyard. The two boys start arguing over each other in order to tell their mother what happened.

"Okay, Que es lo que esta pasando aqa?" Their father says a he crosses his arm across his broad and muscular chest.

Both boys immediately stop talking and stare at their father with wide eyes before they snap out of it and start talking over each other then start arguing to each other. Ismae laughs quietly touching her soon to be round pregnant stomach. Ramon looks at her and she shakes her head and mouths 'Deal with it'

"Alright!" Ramon says loudly. The boys ignore him and start yelling now.

"Callense ahorita mismo!" Ramon says sternly. Both stop immediately.

"Now, I don't care who started but I'm gonna finish it. Both of you apologize to each other right now." Ramon says sternly, his voice resonating all around the house.



They turn to each other but refuse to apologize to each other.

"No lo van hacer?" Ramon says angrily.

Both boys stubbornly say no.

"Okay," Ramon says as starts to take out his belt from the belt loops of his jeans and both boys blanch and run to hide behind their mother's skirt.

"Ramon..." She begins, her body going into protective mode around her young sons. She'S never liked that her husband had to whip them with the belt for them to behave but it was necessary. She just hated it. She knew Ramon didn't like doing it but he had to if they were to behave and learn their lesson. It hurt them more than it did their sons.

"No, either they apologize and make up or they get spanked."

"We're sorry. We're sorry!" Both boys cry out fearfully to Ramon and to each other, clutching Ismae's skirt.

"Papi, we're sorry." Both boys cry.


They nod, clutching their mother's legs now

"Promise to your mother right now that you won't fight. She has a baby now and you two have to help her and fighting isn't going to help."

"Yes, papi. We promise."

"Not to me. To your mother."

They look up at their mother who has a serious face as she raises an eyebrow.

"We promise, mami."

She smiles warmly and kneels to hug them both tightly and kisses their cheeks.

"My big men. You have listen to your father so you won't get in trouble. I don't like it when he spanks you and neither does he but it's for your own good. Promise me you won't get in any trouble so he won't spank you."

"We promise." They hug their mother tightly before letting go and heading upstairs peacefully.

Ramon sighs as he puts on his belt again.

"I really hope this one's a girl. Too many men in this house." Ismae says as she goes to hug her husband. He's broader and more muscular than before and she loves what construction does to his body. He's better looking than half the men his age.

"They're always up to something." He says softly as he hugs her back and kisses her lightly before rubbing his nose against hers affectionately.

She kisses him lightly. "They're your kids."

"Why are they always my kids when they do something bad?"

"Because you, mister, are just as bad as them." She says teasingly as she wraps her arm around his neck to pull him down closer to her. She's missed him today.

"What about you?" He asks, raising an eyebrow as his hands move down to the small of her back and presses her tightly against him intimately.

"They're my kids when they do something good." She says chuckling as she flickers her eyes down to his lips and back up.

It's been awhile since they've been alone. Her two boys, one 3 and the other 4, take almost all of her attention since its summer vacation. But soon they'll head to school again and she can spend some alone time with Ramon before she grows too big with their third child.

He rolls his eyes but leans down and kisses her neck with an open mouth kiss that sends delicious, burning heat to her body that causes her to whimper softly and press herself eagerly to him. He chuckles and she blushes a little. "In a few months, we won't be able to hug like this soon."

He pulls back and her heart stops as she sees his gaze darkening with desire and love. "Then we should take advantage of the time we have left."

He kisses her hungrily and pushes her until she hits the wall behind them, his hands roaming all over her body, consuming her, burning her.

"Ramon," she breathes out as his hands cup her breasts. "The boys..."

"Shh, let's go to our room and enjoy ourselves. They're in their room and won't come out until dinner. We'll be quiet."

She smiles and nods and he lifts her until she wraps her legs around his waist and carries her up the stairs and into their room, locking the door and laying her on their bed all the while kissing her.

Callense ahorita mismo: Shut up right now!

Ahorita: Now

No lo van hacer?: You're not going to do it?

Seguros: Are you sure?

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