So, they've gotten married. This was not good. Not good at all. His source was angry and emotional telling him what he needed to know. His source was the only one giving him information that he needed on the now married couple. The source didn't need a lot of encouragement and why should she when he fucked her brains out in his jail cell.

Guards were willing to look the other way when money was involved. He didn't like her but he did need her since she was his eyes and ears in the outside world. He needed the information and in return, when he needed something other than his hand to fuck, she was more than willing to take that as payment.

But even then he imagined her face when he was fucking his source. It was her face he saw, her body he touched, her voice he heard. It was always her. But now she was married and to that disgusting hispanic mother fucker. The Hispanic was the one who could touch her, kiss her and fuck her whenever he wanted and he didn't like that at all. Not one bit.

"I can't believe it. He was supposed too be mine That bitch kept him on a fucking leash all the time. No matter what I did or say, he was always running to her and I hate it."

"Don't call her a bitch." He said, voice low but threateningly. No one could call her a bitch except him. It was his right to call her whatever he wanted, especially when he would fuck her. The girl blinked, green eyes watery but filled with an anger he knew all too well.


"Shut up. You work for me and I can cut you off just as easily as I picked you." He said, bluffing because thanks toher , no one wanted to be his friend and the rest of his comrades dropped him so fast, he didn't see it coming. He didn't care then. He only cared about one person. He needed someone on the outside to collect information he needed to make a plan when he got out. She was the one who came to him first, trying to find any information to break the happy couple apart.

He figured out what he would do with her and it didn't hurt that she was good looking, with that red hair. He didn't like the big breasts, he liked them smaller, like HERS. She didn't need a lot of convincing, not with the money or the fucking he was giving her.

She nodded in reply and looked down, trying to look innocent but looking like a slut instead. Ismae could do anything and it would look so innocent and pure and it turned him on thinking about that. Anything Ismae did turned him on, even when he was younger and with Savannah. No matter what she said, what people said, what the judge said, what the jury said, she wanted him to make love to her and that's what he did.

He had made love to her and he loved every minute of it. Who knew she was a feisty one in bed and he was so glad he was her first. He remembered not wiping off the blood for the whole night and into the next day because he wanted a reminder that Ismae had his dick in her pussy and he had the privilege and right of being her first.

She liked it, too. She tightened around him every time he pounded into her and each time she did, she let out tears of ecstasy and was flushed, those soft whimpers of pleasure. He loved those moments. He had taken her virginity and that made her his. It gave him the right to make choices for her because she was stupid and didn't know any better.

He didn't care that he was in jail. He was confident that at the end, she would be with him one way or another. It didn't matter that she was married. That marriage was legal but he could get it nullified. It was his right. She was his.

Always his.

He was already making plans to get out early and it was working. He was thinking of ways to get rid of the stupid fuck and make Ismae his. He was going to get her either way. She was going to be his wife. She was going to be a mother to his kids. He could already see her big, their child growing inside of her.

He liked that picture. He liked that a lot.

"What do we do?" She said, looking up at him and he imagined Ismae's face on hers.

"We continue. We just need to be patient. This may take a while."

"A while? But you said-"

"I know what I said!" He yelled, anger breaking through his concentration and he reigned it in quickly.

"This will take year but we need it to be perfect. We have to account for damages and mistakes. This needs to be exactly perfect in every way possible in order for me to get what I want."

She narrowed her eyes but said nothing.

"Do you understand? You will get what you want. You'll get Ramon."

But you really won't.

She nodded, smiling and leaning forward on the table, eyes turning darker with lust. He knew what she wanted but he did not want it today. Ismae had gotten married today. He needed to celebrate on his own.

"Go and collect everything. I want to know where they live, where they work. You find out their schedules and you do it until I say otherwise. You don't and you don't get Ramon."

"I'll do whatever it takes."

She really was stupid.

"Good. Now, I need to get back. Come back in two weeks."

She nodded and stood up, walking away.

"Oh and Kathy?" He called out.

She stopped and turned her head to face him.

"Don't disappoint me."

She nodded again before she left and the guard came to escort him to his cell. "Thanks, Carl."

The guard nodded, locking him in before leaving. He went in and laid down on his bunk, a plan halfway formed in his mind. This would take years to work through but he could wait. He was patient. Once everything was in place, he was going to get rid of Ramon and Kathy once and for all permanently. Once they were out of the way, he was going to get Ismae back, no matter what.

"Adam Hemmingway, your father is here to see you."

"5 minutes, Carl." Adam replied, taking a picture out from under his pillow and unfolding it. Ismae stared back at him, smiling like she had no care in the world. He stole that picture years ago from Savannah's room when they used to be friends.

"Soon, my love. Soon, we will be together." He murmured ,kissing the picture where her lips were.

Soon. Very soon.