This story was in the back of my mind for a long time. Inspired by the song Black Swan Song by Athlete. I recommend that song, it was so good.

I hope you enjoy.

P.S. I have no time to think about their names, so feel free to think who they are.

The sound of pouring rain woke a wounded man lying on the ground. The rained fell heavily on the ground. The lightning struck in the sky, startling the living things being surrounded by the forest. The forest itself was quiet, yet it was shed with dry blood from the war.

The said man blink his eyes a few times to regain his memory. Why was he still alive? He could remember being shot by his enemy, and his friends tried so hard to relieve his wound, but it was no avail. It was impossible. He was going to die. He could still remember the pain and agony of their faces, they cannot accept the fact that he was going to die.

Fully regaining his sense, he noticed that he could not hear anything, not even the sound of raindrops hitting the ground nor the sound of thunderstorm. He must had went deaf.

He tried to move his arms, but it was useless. He could not move. It was like he was paralyzed. He shifted his gaze downward, trying his best to move his head to see his wound. It was a hard task, but he managed to see it.

The blood on his wound was already dry, staining his fatigue pants. He leaned his head on the ground carefully to avoid further damage to his body. Not that he was going to live anyway, but he wanted to have final thoughts about his wife.

His wife. He remembered spending one last day with his wife. She was an understanding person, a woman that will make other wish she was available. He was a lucky one to have her. If only he could see her angelic face one last time.

How long was he going to think here? Will anyone will see him and possibly rescue him? The hope for that was slim, but he was clinging to that hope. He may live to be with his wife, or he will die thinking about her. He did not care. As long as he could think of her, it was more than enough.

His thoughts drifted on a forest... That forest was free from war, free from enemies, and more importantly, free from harm. He could remember the two of them chasing each other at the forest, his woman running away from him while he was running to catch up with her, both of them laughing with all their heart and soul.

Eventually, he caught up with her and wrapped his strong arms around her. She was playfully struggling to let go, but he was more powerful than her. They let themselves fell to the ground, sitting up, his arms around her and her hands on his hands.

After hugging her for a moment, he let go of his hands. They talked about what they see in the forest, having a good time, enjoying their company to each other. Then his wife laid down on the ground, letting out a deep sigh. He soon joined her, his gaze fixed on her.

He never wanted to let go from his wife, but they knew this was going to be their last day together, unless he made it out alive. They did not want to think about it, they wanted this day to last forever.

Moments had past, and she suddenly stood up. She said something about she will not let him show his affections unless she caught her, then she ran away laughing. The man glared playfully and said that he will make sure to give him a lot of affection and love to her and ran to catch her.

The rest of the day was spent by them cuddling while sharing their love and affection. It was one of the best night they had. He wanted to show her how much he truly love her, and he will miss her dearly while he was at the war. The girl did the same, her thoughts will be filled with her dear husband everyday, and wait for his return.

Wait for his return... Those words echoed on his mind. He prayed to God that someone will find him and rescue him... even if he will die, as long as he passed his final words to his wife, that he truly love her so much that he wishes for her safety, and never forget his never dying love to her.

The rain finally stop. When did it ended? He did not notice because he was too absorbed from his thoughts, but he paid no mind. He was glad he was able to think properly, to remember the final smile he saw from his wife.

His body, too tired to stay awake, was beginning to take a toll to him. His eyes were shutting down, but he tried to stay awake for much longer. He wanted to think only of his wife... her beautiful, smiling face...

Too tired to keep his eyes open, he finally let his eyes close shut and drift to an eternal slumber. His final thought was his wife and her words that was always on his mind.

I'll always think of you... I love you, dearest.

A letter was sent to a lonely home. Inside the letter contained the news about her beloved husband. It said that his friend was so sorry that her husband was not able to return as planned, due to her husband being wounded in combat. He was begging for forgiveness, but he was sure that he will return home soon. And that her husband love her so much dearly that he will never regret loving her.