I honestly felt this one was rushed due to exploding ideas, especially for our incoming Yuri series. A sequel for this one will arrive soon.

I hope you enjoy.

Few weeks had past since his best friend Res was gone. Gone for long. She had to move away due to some complication. If only she can do something to prevent it from happening, Res could had stayed. Then there will be more fun times together, more time to spend on each other, and more more.

The music box stopped playing. Jaypee hit the button to play it again. This music box was a gift from his older brother Chad, who was away from work. He will not be here in a few months due to his work, and he could not stay to celebrate her birthday. To make it up to her, he bought her a two rare music boxes that plays a beautiful melody that calms her mind.

Of course, Jaypee recognized the tone. The chocolate brown, elegant designed music box was playing the song 'Lilium', while the pearl white, cute designed music box was 'Dango Daikazoku'. He was so thankful to her brother, and cherished his gift to him. She wondered how on earth did he find these two? He never heard of something like this before, let alone saw something like this.

Whatever way, she was glad to own these two. It was like a dream come true to her.

Beside the pearl white music box laid an old paper, a letter from Res. It was stained with dried tears from her eyes when he read the letter. Chad had to do all of his best to calm her down, to let her know that Res will return to the place the letter said... and he will see her again after twenty years.

Twenty years... what a long way to go to reach it... they will be old enough to be on their own... But she did not care, just to see each other again. To see Res again, and to be with him again.

At her end, she did her best. She studied hard to learn more... and possibly be on his level at vision, and work hard to be with her at last.

The song ended again. She let out a deep, sad sigh. He missed him so much that it hurts her to know that she was for long.

But her hope was not vanished. He had hope to see him again soon... and to be with him.