When a moment like this happens,

A time when all is well,

When everyone you love,

Who is still alive,

Is around,

Celebrating a new life,

Make sure to cherish these

Glorious moments of joy,

Because if you let it slip

In between your finger tips,

Your memories will not be able to

Remind you of the happiness

You once felt

All of those years ago.

When I will look back on this,

When she is born and toddling around,

I will make sure to

Remember the excitement in the air,

The taste of nervous happiness

And the smell of questioning wonder;

Everything that made this

Celebration worth while.

And we will tell her stories of the excitement,

And she will tell her children

Of her excitement.

And for years and generations from now,

We all will remember,

And they will remember,

And all will be well.


My darling niece,

All will be well.