She was sat in a dank,dark room. All she could hear was the shallow sound of her blood dripping into the pool below. The blood came from a deep gash, where once had been the word BETRAYER scratched out hours earlier.

There was a moan from the corner of the room, coming from Marie, who had been crying for only minutes before she wore herself out.

They were drowsy, but they were ever in fear of what would happen if they fell asleep.

"Come" his words broke the hanging silence.

Kezi eased herself up, letting out a shallow, exhausted sigh.

"b-b-b-but please?" she moaned, her pleading eyes boring into his.

"No. I don't care no excuses can get you out of what you have done. You deserve it."

He dragged Kezi from the room, up the stairs and into his 'parlour'.