"Evil wins when good men fail to act"

That's something I heard

Told to me when

The battle gets rough

To try to motivate me

But I am human

I tire and injure

And I have been fighting this

For much, much too long

I know it will be the

Death of me one day

And evil will use me

To kill me off

The days of the old 'Evil Army'

Is gone forever and ever

They learned something

That Good will never do

The 'Evil Army' is sneaky

It uses the world to

Break a soul down

Down to the point it cannot take

It isolates and intimidates help

The good who could help to

Save their souls and patch them

So they never reach their break

It knows that if they

Isolate a good soul

That is wounded and in distress

They win either way

They will eliminate an enemy combatant

Or if the soul won't die

The Evil Army gains a new recruit

Thirsting for revenge, a powerful desire

I know they are after me

I feel their presence daily

What I don't know is

Am I for elimation or conversion?

Many times I want to die

Many times I want to destroy

This entire world that

Used me and others like garbage.

Will it be the pain?

That takes me away

By my own hand?

Will they win?

Or will it be revenge?

The desire in me

That makes me want to

Kill and harm the planet?

I do not know

Both well up within me

Pushing like dammed rapids

And I feel the break forming

Am I doomed?

Is it already too late?

Was this my birthright?

I need to know