This story is dedicated to the best aunt in the world who gave me this idea!

A nightmare on Facebook

Chapter 1


Jayden's POV

It's been a weird few days. Espeically for my fostor brother, Anthony. He's had a few weird dreams and the weird thing is that they always end up on Facebook. I'd be creeped out too. If that happened to me. I feel really bad for him.

I mean, he is, He doesn't even act himself anymore and the nightmares only started a few days ago. It's been 15 years since I was put for adoption and that's where I met Anthony He's a really nice kid. He's super smart and he gets bullied alot.

He's a year and a half younger than me and so I think of him as a younger sibling considering the fact that I've known him for so long. I don't even know my own parents, not to mention the fact I live in a fostor home with him.

I've been placed here because my parents didn't want me. They put me up for adoption when i was just a year-old, maybe not even a year old. Anyway, yeah and My friend Emily was neglected, starved and abused, so she was placed with foster parents.

I was in our room; Anthony's and mine. He was still sleeping. i was wide awake. I was on the interntet on my red laptop trying to figure how nightmare go from your subconscious to a facebook page as a video. the bed is too lumpy. I could make myself comfy enough. I had to keep moving around, but the only thing that happened was me falling off the bed onto the hard floor.


I hit the floor and woke Anthony up. He saw me on the floor and got out of bed and came to my aid like he always does. our foster parents burst through the door and saw Antonio helping me up. My back was hurting now along with my neck.

"Jayden! Are you okay?!"My foster mother asked me, frantically.

She thinks of me a her baby, even though I'm not even hers, but i guess some people are just nice like that. These 2 are different than other fostor parents.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said, trying to make everyone calm. "I was moving around on the top bunk and I fell off."

"What were you doing?", My foster dad, Henry asked. "You're 16. Normal 16 year old don't fall as much as you do? Do we need to visit the doctor again like when we did when you started talking to youself?"

"No..." I answered. Anything, but that! "I'm okay. I was trying to find out how dreams can go from your subconscious to a video on Facebook."

They stared at me with concern. Their look of concern symbolizes that they're both worried, but it also means, they're taking me to the doctor wheather I kick and scream. Anthony finally broke down and told the truth.

"It's true..." Anthony sighed. "I've beeen having nightmares and they keep ending up as videos on Facebook." I can even show you..."

"Okay." Henry and lorreta both said at the same time. I got off the floor, grabbed the laptop from my top bunk and gave it to Antonio. He logged in as him and showed a long list of videos to Loretta and Henry. "Okay, boys, we'll watch all thses today while you 2 are at school and Jayden?", Loretta asked.


"Any reason you're up this early?"

"I couldn't go back to sleep. I'm not really that tired."

"Ok. You 2 get ready for school. You both have a test today." Our fostor parents both left the room. I grabbed my backpack and followed them downstairs.

Anthony's POV

It was 7:30:Time to go. I was excited the test today. I love school. I love tests. I love work. Jayden and were I were getting ready to leave. Today's Emily birthday. And if you don't know, Emily is Jayden's secret crush. No one knows except me. Jayden can totally trust me with any secret.

I've known him seen I was a baby.

We have no parents. If we do, our parents didn't want us, Why would Henry and Loretta? That's what we've always wanted to know? Oh, well... somethings are better left unexplained. I just dumped the rest of my eggs in the garbage. I wasn't that hungry. Neither was Jayden.

The thing with Jay and I...

We barely eat! The only Jayden eats and drinks is Bacon and veggies. He's pretty much a Vegatarian, except for bacon. He hasn't eaten anything with sugar in it since he was, like, 7. If there was no bacon, he'd be full Vegatarian. And no pop, Kool-aid, only water.

We told our 'parents' we were leaving and headed out. We walked to school. As soon we got there, we went out seperate ways. I'm in the 9th grade in high school and Jayden's in the 10th grade. My teacher, Mr. coslo handed out our tests. I got started the test like everyone else did.

When I was finished, i read my book: a nightmare on Elm street 3:Dream Warriors. It's actually pretty good. After everyone else was finished, Mr. Coslo said we did very well and gave us all some candy;I chose Airheads. Sometimes, Jayden says I'm an Airhead.

Minutes later, the bell rang.

Jayden's POV

I was walking down the hallway. The bell just rang. I saw Emily at her locker. People often mistake me and Emily to be related. She has blonde hair, like mine, fair skin, though, mine's a litter more tan. I will never understand make up science. She lives with her fostor parents down the block from my house. She's really pretty.

Today is her birthday. I have her present ready for her. When I made it to Emily, I gave Emily her present and said happy birhtday. She hugged me. The warning bell rang.


She pulled away.

"We better get to get to class. Mrs. Chirpis'll skin us both if we're late again.", She said.

"Yeah, tell me about." I replied. We both skip to class. Luckily, we got in the classroom right before the bell rang. We sat in our seats as Mrs. Chirpis began her lecture about our test today. The test in this class period was the only test I had all day.

I feel bad for Anthony, but I really shouldn't because he loves school, tests and work, so as you can tell he's way different than me. Mrs. Chirpis handed us our tests and made me and other kids to go to different tables, so we don't cheat.