I'm worthless

A waste of cells

Damned from birth

To be the Cosmos' punching bag

Every moment I live

Is agony and pain

Knowing I can do nothing

To stop this pain

I should just kill myself

If I am damned and judged

For all eternity already

Then I don't need to live

What the hell did I do?

Why am I to be punished?

I would feel so much better

If I knew why I was damned

They won't say it

Thinking it would make me feel better

But I am just a hinderance

To everyone I care about

I held my mother back

And the man I love

I cause more problems to him

Than I am worth to him

So why won't someone kill me

Why won't my heart stop?

Why won't a car run me over?

I've had enough of this pain

I won't be anyone's probem

I don't want a funeral

That's a waste anyway

I will exit this world

This world that never wanted me anyway