I don't know where I am.

I don't know who I am.

All I know is that either I've got magical powers or I've gone insane, and to tell you the truth, the latter option seems distinctly more likely.

In general, when one thinks they are seeing normally-impossible things occur, the aforementioned person is crazy, and should be escorted into a straitjacket and a padded cell as soon as possible.

Why should I be an exception?

Of course, there's the possibility that I'm hallucinating everything, even this conversation, but that gets into territory that makes my brain hurt, so we'll leave it alone.

I woke up lying on the street, covered in snakes and with a splitting headache.

There was a crowd around me, thought they kept their distance. The "covered in snakes" part probably contributed to that.

I sat up, shook my head to try and clear it, and whispers broke out among the ring.

"-thought he was dead-"

"-just appeared out of nowhere-"

"-are those snakes poisonous-"

"-call an ambulance-"

I only caught a few snippets before I leapt up (startling a fair few people even further back) and started to run.

I don't know why. I just…did. It felt like the right thing to do.

Everyone tried to hold me back, to get me to wait until the ambulance came, but those snakes followed me, and once everyone caught a glimpse of the rattler, they all stayed far away.

I ran, swerving left, right, turning around completely at random.

As I ran, some of the snakes started slithering away. Once I finally stopped (just a few seconds ago, actually, that was), hands on my knees, crouched over, panting hard, only one was left. It looked curiously familiar.

I reached out and patted its head. An idiotic move, except the snake—well, smiled seemed like the only word for it. The snake smiled.

Then it said, "Hi."

A/N: Ahhh. This is much better. I started writing this before, only I started it at a different point in time, and it was all very different and there was way too much explanation and I hated it. Then those first few sentences burst into my mind and this way is so much better.

And HOLY COW THIS IS SHORT -_-'. Um, it's a prologue?

I could make it longer…

Nah. I'm too lazy to bother doing so.

(It's half a page, Moon.)

*sigh* Yes, it is. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

(You know what I meant.)

Why do you assume such things?

(Because you're me.)


(Thank you.)

(Are you going to make it longer?)



Fine, I'll write the next chapter and post it immediately after. Happy?


I do believe I just lost an argument with myself.

(Yes, yes you did.)