She's only recently taken to flirting last summer, but she's gotten a long way since then. With her semi-athletic build, I was surprised to see that many guys fell for her. I watched from the sidelines as she went from one to another, my heart getting bruised and chipped away with every peck on the cheek and minute-long kiss she's absentmindedly give away to some random guy.

But she's changed from the spunky tomboy I knew in my childhood to the voluptuous temptress she is today. She possessed long shapely legs and sensuous hips, boasted a definite waist and rounded if not small breasts, and enjoyed deliciously tanned skin and dazzling eyes. I suppose it's easy to fall for her. No wonder others find her attractive. Hell, no wonder I find her attractive. But she wasn't only hot on the outside, she had a kick-ass personality to boot. She was intelligent, funny and multi-talented, if not irresponsible, clumsy and carefree. Well, no one's perfect, but who wouldn't go for that package?

On the taxi ride to the hotel, I tried not to squirm as I'm pushed up beside her. My sister quickly claimed the window seat on the other side so now she was squeezed in between my older sis and me. I found it hard to focus on the view outside, seeing as I could smell her shampoo, hear her throaty chuckle, see the slight cleavage her shirt accentuated and feel her hand resting calmly on my knee.

I couldn't shake her hand off because then that would mean I acknowledge her existence. Besides, I was still mad at her for insulting my manhood two weeks ago. It was way past midnight and the two of us were alone in the house, watching lame sitcoms on TV.

I was nursing my second can of coke while she was getting started on her fifth bottle of beer. The sitcom ended just as I drained my can and she switched the channel to a more interesting station. Finding none, she dove into her overnight bag and took out a DVD.

Before I could ask what it was, she pressed play and I was frozen stiff. It was a light porn movie with very heated scenes. She passed me the last bottle of beer and I downed it all in one go.

I surprised myself that night when I suddenly felt myself harden. I had been aroused before, and I definitely wasn't new to the concept of sex, but seeing it portrayed in the movie made me go hot and cold in all the wrong places. Just as another steamy sex scene played out, she inched her hand up my thigh.

I stiffened as I looked at her lick her lips invitingly. She whispered a taunting invitation that made my erection throb almost painfully. She nibbled my ear and I relaxed, and she took the opportunity to sit in my lap in one smooth move.

I looked up at her as she languidly saddled my hips, arching her back and grinding her hips against mine. Pressing up her breasts to my chest, she instantly felt the sizable bulge in my pants and a mischievous gleam was in her eyes. She ground her hips harder against my erection and I groaned, biting my lips fiercely.

I felt her hands slide up my shirt as she took it off effortlessly. Her tank top was the next thing to go and she looked at me sexily behind half-lidded eyes. She leaned forward until she was centimeters away from my lips.

Our breaths mingled between us, and I knew it was my call to make. Throwing all sense of caution to the wind, I kissed her with a bruising force. She slipped her tongue in my mouth I was assaulted by the taste of her, intoxicating and making me want more.

My hands wandered over the smooth expanse of her back and across her stomach before resting on her shapely breasts. I squeezed reflexively and she gasped. I moved down to her neck, trailing my tongue across her collarbone and nipping her pulse point.

I sucked and bit at her tender flesh, her groans turning me on and encouraging me to go lower. I kissed the top of her breast, feeling her breath hitch. Taking it into my mouth, I rolled my tongue around the nipple and nipped her lightly. I felt her breasts harden before kissing a wet trail down her cleavage. I claimed her mouth once more.